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Zahra Rashid is a member of Glitch Techs and a recurring character on the show.


Zahra is a Muslim-American who wears a hijab. Her age is 17.[2]

She's a Hero rank Glitch Tech that was recruited a few years prior to Five and Miko's introduction to the Glitch Techs.


Zahra is cool and casual, and can be sarcastic at times. Out of the Glitch Techs, she is the most professional on field, as she openly admits most of her glitch tech gear is for support. She is a strong team player who takes on key support roles to back up her squad.


Zahra is a female human who is above-average height. She has tan skin, dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and has a mole under one eye. Her natural hair color is black, judging by her eyebrows. Her Glitch Tech uniform consists of a white suit, a black pauldron chest plate with blue accents and a white H embedded onto it, a black skirt, black sleeves and knee padding, gray finger-less gloves, clear glasses with the mic speaker sticking out, and gray boots. She wears a Glitch Tech gauntlet on her right arm, as well as a white hijab on her head.

As of Season 2 episode "The Real Glitch Techs", Zahra gains an upgraded set of gear, wearing black pants with a white stripe on the side of each leg,black knee-pads , the usual white jumpsuit top, and a new long sleeved jacket, the left sleeve folded, along with shoulder pads that have the Hinobi "H" on them.



Haneesh is her main companion, they generally are shown together in mission and have a good relationship.

High Five

On missions, Zahra is congenial around High Five and works with him as a comrade in arms. She trusts his leadership, and follows him when he takes the lead. Conversely, she secretly has a crush on High Five, as seen in "BUDS". When in the romantic setting, she becomes quite bashful and anxious around Five, fumbling while trying to flirt with him.

Miko Kubota

Her and Miko have a good coworker relationship. Although, she does find it weird that Miko can't be mind wiped during the episode "Glitch Modder", but at the end of the episode she seems to show her interest to understand why Miko cannot be Mind wiped as when the duo consisting of Miko and Five went back to HQ and said "I have this thing to study your brain", Zahra trusts Miko and finds her to be a good companion.

Mitch Williams

Zahra, like the rest of the team, finds Mitch to be infuriating due to his domineering, self-centered and arrogant attitude.

Powers, abilities, and equipment

Support expert: She centers her upgrades mostly in support abilities, preferring using it in others than on herself.

Glove: Like all Glitch Techs, Zahra comes with an augmented glove with weaponry designed to contain and capture glitches. It has the following abilities:

  • Mind Wipe
  • Energy Blasts
  • Weapon and Shield Formation
  • Portals


  • Machine gun: shot repeats pink blast.
  • Rifle.
  • Speed boost: She can augment the speed of a companion or herself for a short period of time.
  • Sword: Her weapon of choice is a giant pink laser sword that is shaped like the Buster Blade.
  • Pause blast: a energy blast that stop/freeze glitch or immobilize people(they can talk even immobilized) for a short time until the countdown reach 0.

Hacking: She is capable to hack another Glitch Tech's gloves.




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