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Hello Glitch Techs !


Welcome to my message wall. My name is Hal Hardbargain.
I am one of the bureaucrats of the Glitch Techs site staff but if you need any help, need to ask me something or just saying hello, leave it on my message wall and I will try to answer back as soon as possible.

My Favorite Pages



  • My birthday is May 24.
  • I ship Hector Nieves (Five) with Miko Kubota
  • Miko's hyperness rivals Five's calmness.
  • Miko have feelings for High Five hopefully since they are always hugging. 
  • Phil does not like hugs.
  • Miko Kubota stare though.

Favorite Images 

My history on the wiki 

I have been here for a while now as a veteran and senior tech but as well as one of the Hinobi bureaucrat bosses here since the founder and her partner have left this site abandoned for me to adopt it probably thinking Glitch Techs was cancelled since its announcement. 

Wiki Management

If you need to contact me, you can find me in these wikis:

  • Other wikis that I keep under my sleeves for now... 
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