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What's your glitch, Mitch?

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☆ Welcome To Hinobi! ☆
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Looks like you've found my profile, Tech! I've been a Discussions Moderator here since 04/06/21 and I'm happy to help whenever I'm available!

Something goes wrong? Tag me on a post or comment and I'll take care of it. Have questions? Message me. Wanna chat? Just talk to me, I don't bite :)


I joined this Wiki not too long after watching Glitch Techs. The first time I came across this show was when a video review popped up on YouTube. When I finally got a Netflix account, it was one of the first shows I came around to watching. Without a doubt, this is my FAVOURITE cartoon of all time, and I don't think that will be changing anytime soon!

I'm a HUGE fanatic of Animation! I absolutely love bingeing animated series and movies whenever I find an eye-catching one on any streaming platform. There's no certain genre I prefer as I enjoy a wide variety of productions, all varying.

As of now, I tend to spend a lot of time online so I engage in chatting with people on this very site, Fandom, about my favourite shows and games. Youtube and Pinterest are also favourites when it comes to apps. When I'm not shortening my life span by being a couch potato on my device, I engage in drawing both digitally and traditionally as well as reading.

  • Favourite Food: Fried rice and chicken
  • Favourite Animals: Felines of almost any kind
  • Favourite Colours: All fall under the cool category
  • Favourite Shows: Glitch Techs, The Hollow, Dogs In Space, Amphibia, Lego Monkie Kid
  • Favourite Movies: Let's say I've watched many great movies
  • Favourite Books: Percy Jackson, Goosebumps, Magic Misfits, Miss Peregrine's HFPC
  • Favourite Bands: Twenty One Pilots, The Living Tombstone
  • Favourite Songs: Let's say I've listened to many great songs
  • Favourite Activites: Scrolling through Pinterest or Fandom, drawing, chatting with friends
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  • Make 100 posts
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  • Post Fanart (0/1) and Theories (1/1)
  • Edit 10 different pages
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  • Edit 10 galleries
  • Write 5 blog posts (2/5)
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