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What's your glitch, Mitch?

☆ Welcome To The Void ☆

Looks like you've found my profile, Tech! I'm a Discussions Moderator here and I'm happy to help you if you need it. Tag me on a post or comment if something goes wrong and I'll take care of it. Became a Mod on 04/06/21 and looking forward to working on this wiki!
☆ Boosh ☆

☆ "Valuable" Info 4 Stalkers ☆

  • My pronouns are SHE/HER But I don't mind anyone referring to me as THEY/THEM
  • My birthday is August 21st (I'm a Leo)
  • Highly prefer being called Gamer, Glitch/Glitched or with x's for i's
  • I'm usually online (on Fandom in general) from: 8am-6pm and later (AST)
  • Irl, I'm very introverted- But online, I'm a wild animal (Like, have you ever met me?)
  • I'm a very sensitive and pessimistic person, but I won't bite, don't worry
  • All the coding on my profile was done by me. If you use any, please credit me!

☆ Glitch's Favourites ☆

  • Foods: Mac n cheese, any junk foods and souls of the innocent
  • Colours: Cold colours (blue, purple etc.)
  • Animals: Felines big and small
  • Books: Percy Jackson, Goosebumps, Magic Misfits, Miss Peregrine's HFPC
  • Shows: GlitchTechs, Carmen Sandiego, Last Kids On Earth and many other cartoons
  • Movies: Let's say I've watched many epic movies
  • Songs: Anything slowed/reverb
  • Music Groups: The Living Tombstone, Twenty One Pilots
  • Activities: Drawing, binging shows, posting on wikias, collecting dust

☆ Related To Glitch Techs ☆

  • Joined the wiki on 23/4/21
  • I started watching GT (Maybe, if not exactly) on: 15/08/21
  • HUGE FAN OF THIS SHOW!! It's my favourite of all time
  • My favourite characters are Mitch and Five
  • My favourite companion pets are Ally and Horn
  • My favourite Glitch would be Chomp Kitties
  • I'm open to theories (I have a few of my own) and I love seeing fanart from the show
  • If I had to choose my favourite ship, it would be #Fiko (Five and Miko)

☆ Epic Tasks and Achievements ☆

  • Reach 100 XP Points (Edits)
  • Reach 500 XP Points (Edits)
  • Reach 1000 XP Points (Edits)
  • Make 100 posts
  • Make 500 posts
  • Make 1000 posts
  • Be a pro-gamer on any Wiki
  • Join 5 Different Games (Wikis)
  • Become a Moderator on this Wiki
  • Post Fanart (0/1) and Theories (1/1)
  • Edit 10 different pages
  • Edit 20 different pages
  • Edit 50 different pages
  • Edit 10 galleries
  • Write 5 blog posts (1/5)

☆ Game Over ☆

Congratulations, you've finally reached the end of my hopefully not-too-boring profile. You deserve a cookie for that! +500,000 XP Points

GT Poster-Mitch.jpg

Everyone using this wiki right now has heard of the show "Glitch Techs", right?

I'm 100% certain that you guys can agree with me when I say: THIS. SHOW. IS. AMAZING. We simply CANNOT have a fantastic show with so much potential get scrapped- Sign this petition to help renew it!

Click the ticket to sign the petition! #SaveGlitchTechs 🎫

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