The Real Glitch Techs

The Real Glitch Techs is the seventh episode of the second season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on August 17, 2020.[1][2]


High Five figures it's no big deal to break a rule while glitch hunting - until he inadvertently triggers a feud with Techs in the neighboring town.


Responding to a glitch cluster of Kitty Glitches, an ultra-rare one heads into neighboring Dabney and Five captures it, despite being told not to go into Dabney. Returning to HQ, Dabney manager Joan Fishback calls Phil about a "glitch poaching" but he defends his techs, while Five's guilt builds and Mitch covers for him out of enjoying his predicament. When co-oping to catch the first of three new sludge Glitches, the Dabney Glitch Techs arrive to blatantly interfere in the glitch capture led by "Nameless" in their declaring a turf war. As Five tries de-escalation, Mitch reciprocates the hostility and the Dabney techs snipe the second and third sludge glitches, so Zahra preps a hack as a retaliation. Zahra's hack releases the sludges, but as the two teams fight over who claims the glitches, Five manifests the Glitch he took in confession, which is then eaten by the Mega Sludge he warned them about; now cooperating, both Tech teams derez the Glitch. When asking their managers about the "no poaching rule" Phil & Joan admit it's unspoken as they made it after Joan's glitch pet "Kodama" was taken by Phil. Now friends, the Dabney & Bailley techs move to snag another glitch.



  • The episode title was first leaked by Brad Breeck on his YouTube channel.
  • A number of references are from Ghostbusters related media:
    • The episodes title is a play on the Ghostbusters animated series, The Real Ghostbusters.
    • The street "Stantz Avenue"[3] is in reference to Ray Stantz.
    • "Class-five" Sludges,[4] Slimer from the the overall Ghostbusters franchise is a Class-Five.[5]
    • The plot involving Sludges/ghosts merging to form a large ghost[6] is based on the David Crane game "Ghostbusters: The Computer Game", except the PKE formed Stay Puft Marshmallow man instead.
    • The Mega Sludge, is somewhat Slimer from the Ghostbusters media as both are slimey, no legs, and gluttonous.
  • The episode show references to others old animated series.
    • Nameless say "assemble and roll out" a alteration of "Transform and roll out" of Optimus Prime From Transformers before his team go out of a place
      • Mitch mocking it later saying "Transform and Cowabunga" mixing the same phrase with the catchphrase of TMNT.
  • "Smooze Brothers"[7] is a reference to Blues Brothers, another film featuring actor Dan Aykroyd, also of Ghostbusters.
    • Smooze is itself a reference to the creatures in the 1986 animated movie "My Little Pony: The Movie" and an episode of Friendship is Magic.


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