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Team Enter Name is a group of 4 multiplayer glitch monsters of Glitch Techs. They originate from a game called Oversight Squadrons.


Team Enter Name first appeared in "Alpha Leader". Its goal is to take over "capture points" in an abandoned theme park called "Fun Land". 

As multiplayer glitches, they cannot be captured before their respawn ship gets taken down.  



Tank is a pale green skinned muscular man with a robotic left eye and a white with dark green mohawk hair bending down on the right side. He has two red rectangles on both his shoulders. He wears a golden chest plate, golden mechanical limbs (upper arms and lower legs) and black mechanical hands. He also wears a utility belt, dark green bullet-proof vest and maroon pants.


Argyle is a armored humanoid rhino with a mechanical pincer for a right hand and a orange-colored monocle. His armor is colored orange and white with jet wings behind his back.


Mecha is a lavender skinned woman with orange hair and green lips. She wears a blocky mech suit with three fingers on each arm, hind legs with two toes and jet wings on the back.


Zed is a slender female robot with magnetic field jointed limbs (only the shoulders and hips), thin flat arms and metal wings.

Powers and Abilities


Team Members


  • Oversight Squadrons is a reference to Overwatch. In both games, control points are taken over. Tank is a likely reference to Reinhardt (with elements of Soldier 76 and Doomfist), Zed likely to Echo, Argyle likely to Winston, and Mecha likely to D.Va (with the skin-tone being a reference to Widowmaker).
  • The team respawns via a ship similar to the MV-261 Orca from Overwatch.

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