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Smashozaurs is the fifth episode of the first season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on February 21, 2020.


When an ultra-rare, ultra-dangerous glitch turns Casino into a character from his favorite video game, it's up to High Five to save him.


As Five and Miko lose another glitch snag to Mitch's kill steal, Five races to see his friend Casino at the arcade for a reunion, after a two year split. As they play their favorite 'Smashozaurs' game, an ultra rare glitch known as a Possessor Glitch appears and fuses Casino to his favorite character avatar. To protect Casino from Mitch, Five escapes with him while Miko runs interference with Mitch, who later explains that the Possessor Glitch is an XP goldmine before stunning Miko to chase Casino. At a junkyard, Five and Casino smash junk before hitting an argument as Five wants to remove the Possessor and restore Casino, which goes wrong. BITT explains to Miko that, if not removed soon, the Possessor could be a permanent fusion and turn viral to humans. Remembering how the Smashozaur games have end levels on bridges, Miko stalls Mitch once more as Five intercepts Casino and tries to reach his friend inside. After a brawl where Five and Miko are hurt, Casino regains his sense of self and forces out the Glitch; Mitch arrives to capture the Possessor and takes his leave. Following Casino's memory reset, Five and Miko return to the arcade to just play games uninterrupted as friends.



  • When Five gets sneezes, Casino compares him to a chipmunk.
  • The logo design and animation of Smashosaurs is a direct homage to the ThunderCats franchise.
  • Smashozaurs' premise and designs are very reminiscent of the similarly-themed Battlesaurs from Toy Story That Time Forgot.
    • Much like the Battlesaurs, an extraterrestrial anomaly mutated the savage times of the dinosaurs into neon techno wasteland, evolving the dinosaurs into humanoid forms with dark battle armor.
    • Both ideas are pastiches of Dinosaucers and the general trend of mutant humanoid heroes popularized during the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Originally, this episode's script was once known as "DropTheMic", featuring Casino's possession turning him into a PaRappa the Rapper-style take on Raptorious. [1]
  • The working title for this episode was "Dino Destruction: Next Gen".


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