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Settling the Score

Settling the Score is the twentieth episode of the second season of Glitch Techs, to premiere on Netflix on August 17, 2020.[1][2][3]


Miko declares war when a new gamer in town beats her high scores at the arcade. But their showdown soon spirals out of control.


After Miko gets trolled by new residents Ryu and Mikey, she looses her cool seeing that one of them wiped out her high score on her favorite arcade game. After getting her new high score immediately outplayed again, she looks for Ryu thinking it was him. Arriving at Ryu's home, she instead meets Mikey and learns it was really him who trounced her score. Enraged, Miko challenges Mikey to a settle the score game, spending hours on a single match trying to overtake the other. Not wanting to waste his day, Five leaves to do work while Miko obsessively continues, unintentionally causing an epic-tier "Code: Green" glitch. All Glitch Techs from Bailley and Dabney mobilize against 100-meter tall glitch monsters. Five recognizes the characters Miko and Mikey are playing, and climbs atop one to hijack a connection link to call Miko. Hearing Five, Miko realizes Mikey is just like her when she was his age and stops, allowing her glitch to derez, leaving the second open for capture, netting 100 Billion Shared XP for the Techs. Despite the antagonistic meeting, Mikey and Miko decide to be friends and play together. Five picks up Miko, happy she and Mikey became friends.



  • Joystick Jr. Pizza Arcade is based on ShowBiz Pizza Place including it's mascot "Billy Bob" as Ralphie.
  • A number of references are from Ghostbusters related media:
    • " the corner of Tully and Melnitz",[4] reference to both Louis Tully and Janine Melnitz as street names.
    • When B.I.T.T. calls a code green,[5] his siren sound is the Ecto-1 siren.
  • When Five is on top of Colossusaurus to hijack a connection link to call Miko he says "Wi-fi-fo-fum", which is a reference to the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk.


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