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The third season is the proposed name Netflix would give for the 10 episodes of Glitch Techs, that have yet to be finished with production.

Production Information

During production of the series, after Nickelodeon ordered 20 episodes for the first season, the show got picked up for an additional 10 episodes. These episodes were already written, boarded and designed. However, they have not yet been animated or completed since production of the show froze early 2019. So they're currently sitting safe inside Nickelodeon’s server until production continues as soon as Netflix decides to renew the series for more episodes.


in series
in season
Image Episode title Airdate Prod. code
TBA TBA No Screenshot.png "TBA" TBA 301


  • Eric Robles has tweeted that Glitch Techs will soon feature a story arc.
  • Eric Robles also revealed that one of the episodes yet to be completed would feature the return of Nogrog.