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The second season (also known as Season 1b) of Glitch Techs was released by Netflix on August 17, 2020.

Previously, Season 2 has been confirmed by Dan Milano on February 14, 2020, on Twitter, praising Ashly Burch's work on the series by confirming a new recurring character that she will give voice to in the second season.[1]

Production Information

The last 10 episodes of Season 1 became Season 2.[2]


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Image Episode title Airdate Prod. code
11 1 The Glitch Modder.jpg "The Glitch Modder" August 17, 2020 TBA
Miko realizes that being a little weird can be awesome when she meets Ridley, a glitch modder with a mind-blowing lair filled with creative wonders.
12 2 Ping.jpg "Ping" August 17, 2020 TBA
High Five seems unusually glum on a job at a game store to take care of a mysterious cube-shaped glitch from the first video game ever.
13 3 Ralphie Bear Is Back.jpg "Ralphie Bear Is Back" August 17, 2020 TBA
High Five's childhood dreams come true when the pizza arcade brings back a retired birthday party robot. But it's the miserable opposite for Miko.
14 4 BUDS.jpg "BUDS" August 17, 2020 TBA
Miko suspects that something is very, very wrong when Mitch suddenly starts acting nice. At a bizarre party, High Five sees that she might be right.
15 5 The New Recruit.jpg "The New Recruit August 17, 2020 TBA
Ridley resurfaces with a newfound desire to become a Glitch Tech. Miko and High Five are delighted...but they have no idea she's hiding something.
16 6 Find the Glitch.jpg "Find the Glitch" August 17, 2020 TBA
While gathered together to play a deduction game, the Glitch Techs begin to wonder if there's a glitch pretending to be human among them.
17 7 The Real Glitch Techs.jpg "The Real Glitch Techs" August 17, 2020 TBA
High Five figures it's no big deal to break a rule while glitch hunting — until he inadvertently triggers a feud with Techs in the neighboring town.
18 8 Settling the Score.jpg "Settling the Score" August 17, 2020 TBA
Miko declares war when a new gamer in town beats her high scores at the arcade. But their showdown soon spirals out of control.
19 9 I'm Mitch Williams.jpg "I'm Mitch Williams" August 17, 2020 TBA
An alert at a house infamous for glitch-heavy activity sets Mitch on edge. When Miko and High Five get there, they learn why it's so personal to him.
20 10 BITT Prime.jpg "BITT Prime" August 17, 2020 TBA
Phil threatens to replace the laggy BITT with a newer model. To save the bot, Miko and High Five poke around inside to fix him themselves.