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Sabrina is a character in Glitch Techs.


In "Age of Hinobi", Sabrina was at Joystick Jr. Pizza Arcade playing an unknown video game and getting a high score in the process. She was celebrating someone's birthday party there since she had a party hat in the pizza arcade with other kids. She was running away with the other children from Chomp Kitty until she was mind wipe with the other kids by Mitch Williams on their way out. In "Collection Quest", Sabrina was at Nolan's Ark Pet Store when she stepped on a glitch turtle accidentally, which turned into a gem that High Five and Bergy were looking for on their gem hunt. They didn't wanted to mind wipe what Sabrina has witnessed since High Five said to Bergy what harm can she do, which led to her taking out three turtles from their container to form a line to jump on them just like the glitch turtle that she stepped on earlier, much to her mother's horror expression.


In Age of Hinobi and Collection Quest, she seems to be hyperactive and cheerful.


Sabrina has peach colored skin, long brown hair, and black eyes. She wears a lavender sweater, light blue jeans, and dark blue sneakers.


Sabrina's Mom

  • She is her mother and she was scared when she saw Sabrina going to step on three real little turtles outside of their container inside of Nolan's Ark Pet Store, thinking that they were the same turtle that she stepped on earlier but it was actually a glitch turtle as seen in Collection Quest.




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