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Ridley is a supporting character of Glitch Techs. A hacker/modder who discovered Hinobi Glitches by experimenting on her personal console. Additionally she can create entirely original content using Hinobi's pixel tech and modifies Glitches to be docile pets.


Not much is known about Ridley before the events of the series, but she is an expert hacker and has been bullied most of her life because of her short stature and her "weird" love for technology and computers, causing her to be very distrustful of others and very aggressive towards bullies.

In The Glitch Modder, she meets Miko, who followed Horn to her lair, and becomes fast friends with her. Ridley shows Miko her modified Hinobi console with rewritten docile Glitches, but as Miko tries recruiting her to safely continue her coding under Hinobi employment, Ridley is unnerved at the idea of losing her glitches. Five tracks them to Ridley's lair, barges in and accidentally releases the "Drago-Kitty" glitch Ridley modded. As their Tech Gauntlets are incompatible with the modded code, Ridley forms a solution after Five saves her, but her main console is destroyed. With a back-up system, Ridley gives the Glitch Techs coding to fight the Drago-Kitty by manifesting game gear IRL to reach a win. Afterward, Miko still offers Ridley a position as a Glitch Tech, but she refuses out of distrust and portals away.

She returns in the episode The New Recruit, where convinces Miko and Five to let her join Glitch Techs, unknowingly to them, so she can obtain one of their gauntlets for easier modding, as her attempt to make one from scans of Miko and Five keep failing. Despite Phil's insistence against it, Ridley wins him over with modded upgrades to BITT, and is put through the tutorial; she hacks the system to hyper fast forward and finish quickly. Ridley is taken on a Glitch Tech tour, and runs afoul of Mitch. Wanting to get back at him, Ridley develops Glitch cloning code to stimulate their capture numbers and outperform Mitch, despite Five and Miko's hesitance; placing first on the leaderboard, Ridley's behavior easily informs Mitch what happened.

As Five and Miko want to admit how they did it, Ridley has an episode seeing them 'turn' on her, so she releases all captured Glitches and absconds with her gauntlet. While Glitch Techs handle the break out, Ridley's guilt grows until she returns to get Mitch's help, modding his gauntlet to help. Afterward, Phil sadly orders Ridley to be reset by Mitch, who instead lets her go out of respect. Back at her house, Ridley uses a scan to fully replicate a gauntlet.


Despite being a decent person and not intending harm to others, Ridley is emotionally volatile, vulnerable to anger as well as being somewhat oversensitive to criticism or disagreements.

A side effect of being bullied for being "weird" results in Ridley taking just about any criticism of anything she does, including her moral choices, as 'proof' that whoever is doing it is just another bully, even if they were her friend a moment ago. It's this perception of hers of everyone as a potential enemy that drives many of her more hostile and antagonistic moments.


  • Ridley is the first antagonist besides Mitch Williams to appear in more than one episode.
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