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Ralphie Bear is an animatronic and one of the mascots from the Joystick Jr. Pizza Arcade.


He was built by Hinobi with the same technology as all the other Hinobi products. He appears on a show stage along with Cakey Von Smasher and is programmed to entertain children and fight Cakey Von Smasher from smashing their birthday cakes. When High Five's first show began Cakey Von Smasher appeared and marched on the stage making her indroduction, they sang the song to make Ralphie Bear appear on the stage beside her. However, before Ralphie Bear could appear on the stage the trapdoor he was supposed to come out of was stuck due to a safety latch. Five went to check on what was going on until Ralphie Bear broke out of the trapdoor scaring Miko causing her to de-head him. When Cakey Von Smasher glitched and chased after them Five was upset with Miko for destroying Ralphie now that he can't fight her without a head. Miko then realized that without Ralphie Bear he can't fight Cakey Von Smasher to finish the show, which was in her script. Miko wore the mascot suit of Ralphie Bear so that she can fight Cakey Von Smasher as him to rescue High Five. At the end of the episode Ralphie Bear was replaced by Ralphie Boar.


Ralphie Bear is an animatronic bear wearing a white cowboy hat, a cream colored shirt with a blue vest and a red bandana, blue pants and a brown belt with a belt buckle that has a star on it and brown cowboy boots.


  • Ralphie Bear resembles video game character Freddy Fazbear from independent video game series Five Nights at Freddy's.
    • Ralphie Bear's glowing eyes from Miko's flashback is a reference to Freddy's glowing eyes during the power outage in the game.