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Plixels[1][2] are physical manifestations of pixels, tiny building blocks of matter able to store program information, and what Glitches and the Glitch Techs gear is made of. This technology is exclusive to Hinobi.


The word "Plixels" is a combination of "Pixel" and "Voxel" (volumetric pixel).

Plixels are physical, programmed graphical elements, in other words, the building blocks glitches are made of. They can be programmed to take various forms and designs. They are the tiny meso bots that both Glitches and Glitch Tech are made of. It is a microscopic smart technology that feeds on power and information to self print into all kinds of complex objects and entities.

Glitch Techs use raw Plixel energy to take on various designs and functions, including an array of video game inspired vehicles, costumes, and equipment.

Plixels can be corrupted by glitch energy, automatically adopting the design and intelligence of hazardous video game objects or creatures.

Those Plixels can affect the real world; they can harm humans and destroy the environment.

However, the effects don’t sustain themselves for long, real-life objects destroyed by plixels will reset after a certain time.

The Glitch Techs make use of Plixels with their gauntlets. When a glitch is hit by a beam of plixels, they not only take physical, but also code-wise damage.



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  • Pixels probably taste like copper styrofoam beads.