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[The episode begins with Five playing Flunky Quest]

Five: Get it together. Get it together, Five. Boom! Nice!

Abuela: Steak and egg!

Papi: Steak and egg!

Abuela: [Grunts] Hey, bed head! Quit button mashing up there and grab some breakfast, yeah?

Five: Okay. Coming Abuela!

Abuela: Kimchi and avocado!

Papi: Kimchi and avocado!

Abuela: Extra peppers!

Papi: Extra peppers!

Five: [Laughs] Boom!

Papi: [Laughs] Hey! There he is!

Five: Morning!

Papi: Saved you chorizo.

Five: Gracias, Papi.

Abuela: Have a good day at work! And don't forget to call your dad later, okay?

Five: I know, I know. Bye. Love you guys!

[Screen cuts to some kids playing Flunky Quest]

Kid 1: Five

Kid 2: Yo. Five!

Kid 3: Hey, Five!

Kid 1: Did you hear?

Kid 4: You gotta come by the game store.

Five: Woah, woah, one at a time, guys...

Geri: Hector "High Five" Nieves! How you been doing, kiddo?

Five: Oh, uh, hey, Geri.

Geri: Here you go, savages. Meet you back at the store.

Kid 3: Gracias.

Geri: Ooh. You of all people are going to flip when you see what's being delivered to my showroom this morning.

Five: Woah! A vintage Ping arcade machine? I've never played one of these before.

Geri: Well, swing on by the store today and check it out.

Five: Wow, really?

Geri: Hey, you're one of my best customers. Haven't seen you for a while, though. Last time was probably just before your father--

Five: Yeah, um, actually, I don't think I can come by, um... You know, I have this new tech support job at the Hinobi store.

Geri: I heard. Well, if not today, then maybe--

Five: Maybe later. Yeah, totally. Um, it's good seeing you, Geri. Adios!

Geri: Chow main, chavallo.

[Meanwhile, at Geri's Game Kingdom]

Kid: Need some help in there?

Geri: Nah, babies, you all play and mind the counter.

Geri: [Using a tool to inbox the Ping machine] Okay, gorgeous, let's take a look at you.

[The package opens up]

Geri: Pfft, free shipping. [Chuckles] Well, beauty's only skin deep.

[Geri turns on the machine]

[The machine shows the text Hinobi Corp, then shows the game name and a cube above]

Geri: [Laughing] Oh, my... What? It lives!

[Zooms into the internal machinery, showing damage and a glitch breaking out of a rod]

[Electricity crackling]

[Game glitching]

Geri: Huh?

[A green light originates from the machine, makes the screen white, transitions to the Hinobi store, then cut to a scene where Five is reading a book named Advances Bee++ Coding]

Five: [Giggling]

Miko: [Groaning, getting closer to five] Man. [Eats something] Slow days are so slow.

Five: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Miko: Ugh. [Pushes chair to Mitch, Zahra, and Haneesh, all playing a game]

Miko: What game are you guys playing?

Zahra: Board game based on a video game, based on a movie, based on a cartoon.

Haneesh: All right [Shaking dice] random number generator, go! Ugh, landed in tar pits again.

Mitch: Boosh! [Knocks a blue pawn off]

BITT: Alert! Alert! I am receiving an urgent request for High Five on the customer service line.

Five: Me? Who'd wanna call me on a customer--

Geri: [In a call] Five?

Five: Geri?

Miko: Miko!

Zahra: Isn't that the lady who runs the vintage game store on Zeddemore?

Mitch: I hate those old-school games. They're so beeping-booping boring. Ugh.

Five: Why are you calling me at work?

Geri: That Ping machine I ordered? Must've gotten pretty banged up in shipping, because it's got a lot more quirk than I bargained for. Now you say you work with tech support--

Five: I do, but I specialize in a very special kind of tech support, Geri. Have you tried just turning your machine off and on again?

Geri: This thing doesn't wanna be turned off.

[A green flash comes at Geri]

Geri: Whoa! Easy, big fella.

[Call glitches]

Miko: Uh... I'd say that calls for our special kind of tech support. Let's go, partner.

Five: [Exhales]

[They get into a van, portals to the game store]

Miko: OM-MORPG, this place is amazing!

Five: Uh, yeah. I came here a lot as a kid.

Miko: Your friend owns this place? Why haven't you told me about it?

Five: [Sighs] Because I kinda promised I wasn't going to come back here for a while.

Miko: Promised who?

Five: Look, this needs to be a work visit. We get in there, we get the glitch, and we get out of there. Okay?

Miko: [Nervously] Okay.

[Shop bell rings]

Kid 1: Hey, it's Five.

Kid 2: Wanna play some co-op?

Five: [Chuckles] Whoa. You have minions? Consoles, coin-ops, controllers, oh, my! It's a gamer paradise.

Five: Okay, can we just keep ourselves low-pro?

Miko: Low-pro. Totes. Scanning for... coolness!

[Cabinets beeping]

Miko: Ping, Beebuzz, Unicorp...