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Ping is the second episode of the second season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on August 17, 2020.[1]


High Five seems unusually glum on a job at a game store to take care of a mysterious cube-shaped glitch from the first video game ever.


When Five gets a call from his dad's old friend Geri, he finds the vintage game she ordered, PING, has glitched the main pixel. Arriving at the game store, Five informs Miko that his dad helped code the vintage "Uni-Corp" game in the shop, but went to prison for hacking, thus the sensitive topic never came up before. Finding the cube glitch, it's unaffected by Glitch Tech gauntlets, forcing the duo to lead it into the forest out of town to try to contain it. Having no success, Miko calls BITT for backup and sends Mitch to help; who releases the Cube Glitch thinking it non-threatening. Passing it around to contain it, Five remembers the "Uni-Corp" game, asking Miko with Mitch hold it so he can bypass a solution with the Uni-Corp Unicorn. Meanwhile, Miko makes a portal Infinite Loop to stall the Cube, but instead hyperdrives its momentum and it races towards a power plant. Mitch and Miko try overclocking their Speed Boosts to catch the Cube, but are saved by Five's timely return with the Unicorn Glitch, which then derezzed the cube. Returning to Geri's shop, Five repairs her PING machine, and makes his weekly call with his dad.



  • The episode title was first leaked by Dan Milano.
  • The bot that BITT was talking to made a reference to the infamous "the cake is a lie" meme quoted by GlaDoS from the Portal series.
  • Ping is a reference to the video game ong. Which is often considered to be the first video game ever made.
  • In this episode we find out that Hector's (High-Five's) father is in jail for hacking.
  • It is unknown what happened to Hector's (High-Five's) mother, if she is dead or if she abandoned him.


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