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Phil Altiere

Phil Altiere is the manager of the Hinobi store in Bailley and director of Glitch Techs' Bailley branch.


Phil, as the boss, dispatches the Glitch Techs to take care of Glitches and to clean up the messes they cause. This role is shared with BITT, who helps with directing Glitch Techs around, arranging for backup, and dispatching specialized powerups. He is also a veteran Glitch Tech himself, and while he rarely joins in the hunt himself, he is capable and skilled in his own right.

It's revealed in "BITT Prime" that, when he was younger, Phil was mindwiped by someone from Hinobi to hide something he discovered in the development labs. Knowing it was coming, he prepared a message to himself with the relevant data, and covertly programmed BITT to be able to lead him back to it. It just took longer than expected to happen.


Phil tends to be rather deadpan and stone-faced and very no-nonsense, but he does have a soft side. He is firm, but reasonable. He is also good at hiding problems from the higher-ups until they're resolved.

According to BITT, he’s really into buddy cop shows.

Episode 2 also showed that he tended to take a lot of shortcuts when running the store.


Miko and Five



They show to go along well for being former companions in their youth. Even so, Phil shows to be a little nervous in the inspections of Barbara.

Joan Fishback

He shows that he doesn't like to deal with her, as he was initially blatantly dismissive and tried to ignore her call. They show to have a rivalry and are very bad terms, for a misunderstanding for the Glitch Kodama. Even after Phil demonstrated he was telling the truth, she still proceeded to catch the Glitch Kodama.


He initially firmly opposed to her joining, but agreed after she repaired and upgraded BITT so that he was able to make donuts. She then caused an outbreak of glitches in the Hinobi tech headquarters, which resulted in Phil being forced to regretfully fire her.


BITT is Phil's bot partner who also helps run the Hinobi tech store and headquarters. They have been partners for over 20 years. Within BITT's files there are great secrets about Hinobi corporate that they both have been investigating.


Kodama is Phil's Glitch pet, which was promptly taken away by Joan Fishback, as he seemed to have taken him from Dabney "territory" and lied about it.

Powers Abilities and Equipment

Glitch Tech Gauntlet:


Bubble shield: a sphere shaped shield that can contain him and few more people, it's more durable and resistant then the normal shield as it is able to resist for a long time against an outbreak of glitches


  • Phil has cynically referred to Five and Miko as the D-Team of the branch in "Castle Crawl".



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