Nix is a Glitch Tech member and a supporting character of Glitch Techs.

He is voiced by Greg Nix.


Nix is a Glitch Tech that works in the local arcade who is often paired with Bergy for missions. While not as unlucky as Bergy, he's still treated with little respect among his peers.


He has a friendly personality and seems to get along with the other Glitch Techs but also shows signs of having a slight ego, as he claims that everybody calls him the "Keeper of the Scores" in the local Arcade.


Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

Pixel Craft: A specialization that require a certification to use it in combat.

  • Can manipulate plixels to create and program his own energy constructs, but if the energy construct is set incorrectly, it can create a Glitch instead.


  • The character is named after his voice actor, Greg Nix.
  • In Settling the Score he works in a arcade.
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