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Nica Kubota

Nica Kubota is a supporting character of Glitch Techs.


Nica Kubota is a 17-year-old Japanese-American, Miko's older sister, and can seem aloof to her at times. She is embarrassed to be seen with Miko, and is self-conscious of what others think of her. She does prove to have some knowledge of video games thanks to apps on her phone. She spends most of her time looking at her phone, on social media or apps. How much of Miko's glitch tech job she knows about is a little vague. She helps Miko, Five, and Bergy takedown a glitch in episode 7, afterwards she's not shown to get mindwiped, however Miko did give a vague handwave explanation which Nica seemed to buy.


Nica Kubota is a girly girl and responsible teenager who does not want to be humiliated in high school for anything dorky hence why she tries to avoid Miko for being loud and weird at times. She spends most of her time looking at her phone, on social media or apps. She tries to hide behind an uncaring cool persona, but get her playing a game and she becomes almost as hyperactive as Miko. By the end of "Collection Quest" she's even fully participating in the enthusiastic quest chant with her sister, Five, and Bergy - not caring a whit how "dorky" it would look to her peers at times.


Miko Kubota

Nica's middle sister. Nica is embarrassed to be seen with her due to being hyper, very tomboyish, and crazy at times in contrast of her girly girl personality. When they were younger, they were much closer, Nica having taught Miko how to play video games. They now have a back and forth relationship as sisters, but they both care for each other, even if both have contrasting personalities.

High Five

She knows him as a friend of her sister Miko and Bergy but they are in good terms.

Mayumi Kubota

She is Nica's mother and Mayumi loves her daughter just like all her kids. Mayumi is very demanding toward her kids to get along and spent time together especially, towards Nica and Miko.

Lexi Kubota

Nica's little sister.

Geoffrey Kubota

Nica's little brother.

Lee Kubota

Nica's littlest brother.


She knows him as a friend of her sister Miko and High Five but they are in good terms.


Nica Kubota has peach colored skin, pale blush red lips, brown hair and black eyes. She has a peach colored coat with white and red lining, a red dress and red earrings. She has white socks and black shoes. She uses a grey phone. In swinsuit as two-piece red bikini.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Spanish (Latin America) Erika Langarica
Polish Marta Markowicz


  • Her name is also spelled Nika in the episode subtitles.
  • She used to be a gamer before entering High School, according to Miko when she reveals that Nica was the one who taught her how to play video games. The end of "Collection Quest" reveals she still is deep down, but doesn't consider app games to be real games.
  • Her fixation with public decorum greatly contrast with Miko’s boisterous personality.
  • How she sees herself (serious) in comparison to her sister Miko (hyperactive), this is one of the reasons why they don't get along very often.
  • Nica only had a flashback/cameo appearance in Season 2.


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