Monica Ray (Born May 13, 1990) is known for her work as a writer, animator and the voice of Kiki on Disney's Big City Greens, Nickelodeon's Harvey Beaks, and Cartoon Network's Ben 10 reboot series. She even created the Nickelodeon animated short, Magic Children Doing Things.

She is a crew member and the voice of Miko Kubota on Glitch Techs.




  • Monica Ray left a clue indicating that she had a strong connection with Miko on her last day of working on the show with a drawing of Miko drawn by her, which fans would never guess or questioned why this particular character she choose to draw exactly before months later with the announcement of the series in January 2020 announced that she was a voice actress for this character as well as besides working on the show as a crew member.[2]
  • Like Miko, the character she voices on the show, Monica Ray is half asian, has a tomboyish personality, and loves video games and cats. However Miko has Japanese ancestory and Monica is half Chinese.

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