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Mobs and Minions is an upcoming episode from the yet to be finished season 3 of Glitch Techs.




The episode starts with Mayumi, Miko's mother, taking most of her kids to see a movie, while Miko stays home planning an Oversight limited time loot claiming Game Night with her friends from work; Five, Zahra, Mitch and Bergy. Hugh, Miko's father, if left moving boxes for spring cleaning, when Five, Zahra, and Bergy notice one of the boxes he was carrying is a box for an old Hinobi computer. Hugh explains he keeps his old Hinobi computer from college in the basement, which Five, Zahra and Bergy want to go down to repair and assemble the machine, even though Miko and Mitch wanted to focus on the limited time loot offer. While assembling the PC, Miko discovers her dad's old floppy discs, which one of them has a sword and shield labeled. Then when Five boots up Hugh's old computer, he accidentally causes a blackout throughout the whole town.

To be continued...



  • The episode's title is reference to the strategy RPG, Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Dan Milano mentioned this episode in a document showing the Ghostbusters references he snuck in Glitch Techs, which was Mitch Williams asking where a set of dungeon stairs go, and Miko answers, "They go up!", referencing Peter and Ray's discussion before confronting Gozer.


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