Mitch Williams is a recurring character and anti-heroic antagonist in Glitch Techs.

He is voiced by Luke Youngblood.


Mitch works as an employee and a Glitch Techs at the Hinobi gaming company to stop the glitches that come from faulty video game consoles.


Mitch is a complete egotist who happily abuses the company's technology to serve his own personal needs and constantly talks down to his coworkers. He also repeatedly used the mind-wipe technology to get food without paying, and once mind-wiped Five because Five beat him in a gaming tournament. Mitch is shown to care more about winning than the victims of Glitch attacks, as seen when Five's friend Casino was infected by a Possessor type Glitch. Despite his antagonistic and selfish demeanor, he has referred to Five as a friend.


Mitch is blonde and dark-skinned. However, the contents of his locker imply that he wears hairpieces. Initially, he wore the basic Bailey Glitch Tech uniform, consisting of a black and blue-lined vest, white under suit, belt, gloves, and custom white boots. outside of this, he also wears a leather jacket with the collar popped up.

In Season 2 Episode 7 "The Real Glitch Techs", Mitch's hairstyle has change from pompadour to spiky, and his gear changed as well. He wears a short sleeved black and white jacket that reaches to his ribs, black lines on the sides of his outfit, and black pants and white kneepads.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

Glove: Like all Glitch Techs, Mitch comes with an augmented glove with weaponry designed to contain and capture glitches. It has the following abilities:


  • Dash
  • SpeedBoost
  • Overclock: A alteration on the configuration of the glove this greatly aumented the speed of the funtions of the glove, giving superspeed to the user, but that afther 30s of use the glove overhead and stop working for a short period of time, this can be avoide ifthe overclock is stop before the time run out.
  • Shurikens.
  • "Ridley flame"(mod)(Temporary): Aumented power of the glove now glow in red orange, more powerfull Enegy blast and can use to charge the glove and hit the floor to cause expansive wave capable of erase any near glicth .
  • Triple Shot(Temporary unlocked for Wez): shot 3 explosive capsules.
  • Powered VR tech: Micth have a program that dowloaded in a memory and pluged in a VR System can temporart powered them to damage glitches.


Miko Kubota

Miko naturally doesn't like him due to the tournament incident in Age of Hinobi. She can also considered him her enemy at times because he tried to mind wipe her many times even to its full maximum power capacity. Mitch frequently tries to humiliate her when the mission is in process by taking the XP and credit due to him considering her a low level (Noob) on the team along with Five. Even so he recognize her abilities as a gamer "are off of the chart".

High Five

High Five naturally doesn't like him due to the tournament incident in Age of Hinobi. He can also considered him his enemy at times because he mind wipes High Five during the events of the tournament by taking his wristband and keeping it in his truck for safekeeping. Mitch wanted to mind wipe High Five again but failed due to Miko getting in the way and due to her having the ability to be immune to it. Mitch frequently tries to humiliate him when the mission is in process by taking the XP and credit due to him considering High Five a low level (Noob) on the team along with Miko Kubota.


Mitch doesn't tend to disrespect him due to Phil being the head boss of Hinobi Technology in Bailley.


She is a member of Mitch's team but she tends to dislike Mitch, just like the other Glitch Techs do in Alpha Leader.


He is a member of Mitch's team but he tends to dislike Mitch, just like the other Glitch Techs do in Alpha Leader.


He was a victim of a Glitch attack when he was infected by a Possessor type Glitch in Smashozaurs. Mitch tried to hurt him due to the glitch being inside of him, but High Five and Miko interfered by getting in his way by protecting Casino from him. Casino did not like Mitch very much when he was possessed by the glitch, but after having his memory wipe later on, it is unknown both Casino and Mitch's relationship later on in the series.


When she temporarily joined Glitch Techs, he antagonized with her like he does with all newbies, this causing her anger. Even so after the outbreak of glitches she caused and being fired, he helped her to go out without wiping her memory, because he sees potential in her, after she hugs him, Mitch throw her to the portal .

His Brothers and sister in general

He deeply care for each of them, but is both angered and preocupied of them doing nothing more than games.



  • In his locker, he has a jacket, hair gel, and a wig of his hair.
  • Mitch's name as well as his persona as greatest gamer are likely based on game record-breaker Billy Mitchell.
  • A variant with his visor, which has a rosy reddish tint compared to the green-blue tint of the other Glitch Techs.
  • Visibly panics when Miko shrugs off his attempts to erase her memory in Age of Hinobi.
  • If things aren't going his way, expect him to use his Tech Gauntlet to erase people's memory to force things his way.


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