Hype Hype!

—Miko's catchphrase

Miko Kubota is the female protagonist of Glitch Techs.

She is voiced by Monica Ray.


Miko is a 16-year-old Japanese-American who has a job working for Hinobi's technology store and is secretly working as a Glitch Tech.

She is athletic, able to kick her legs high above her head. She is constantly running, and extremely hyper. Miko loves her job and has fun doing it. She is usually seen with High Five, working very closely with her partner on missions to defeat glitches. When not on a mission, she works with him as a receptionist in the Hinobi store in Bailley, and hangs out with him in general despite only meeting him recently.


Miko Kubota enjoys playing video games and loves cats. Due to her tomboyish behavior, she stands out from her family. Due to these differences, she often feels misunderstood in her family.

Since Miko has a bad habit of rushing, reacting quickly without thinking first, she can be reckless at times. This could get her into bad situations, on one occasion losing her gauntlet to Ally, and accidentally destroying the tutorial system. She also forgets to apologize for making mistakes she thinks are minor, like almost hitting Five with a high intensity laser.

However, Miko also has many good qualities, such as her brilliant creativity, and gung-ho attitude, allowing her to face problems with a smile. She is enthusiastic with every aspect of the job, combining her athleticism with her gamer knowledge and instincts. She is the kind of girl who sticks with her teammates, doing her best for them.

Unlike Five who's the one who takes time to think of different plans and strategies, Miko on the other hand is a faster learner through experience and adaptation, and doesn't like being slowed down by things such as tutorials, preferring to learn through action.


High Five

As her partner, she likes to spend time with him working as a Glitch Techs , in the Hinobi store, and sometimes outside of work hours playing video games or doing something else fun. She trusts him, counting on him often in the field, and in return, gives him tips on games she's beaten. In return, Five often acts as her voice of reason, keeping her from giving up, or being too gung-ho to act rationally- though, she rarely listens enough.

Mayumi Kubota

She is Miko's mother. Miko dislikes how her mom is strict with her with doing something more "proactive" and doesn't show support for her love for video games. Despite this, they both love each other, becoming closer after Miko is given her job at Hinobi.

Nica Kubota

Miko's older sister. Nica is embarrassed to be seen with her due to being hyper, very tomboyish, and crazy at times in contrast of her girly girl personality. When they were younger, they were much closer, Nica having taught Miko how to play video games. They now have a back and forth relationship as sisters, but they both care for each other, even if both have contrasting personalities.

Lexi Kubota

Miko's younger sister. Lexi considers her sister not accomplishing any real achievements since video games are not considered one in her book. Lexi knows about the Glitch Techs, and will not betray her sister, because the family has a rule that prohibits that, but both of them care for each other despite their differences. However, they grow closer since Lexi convinced Miko to train her to be a better fighter.


He is the Hinobi boss at Bailley and he seem to care about her, even though his face expression does not often show it. Miko knows that and respects him as her boss. However, she and Five get into antics that bug him sometimes.


It is the robot helper of the Glitch Techs and Hinobi, it obeys her and both of them have a good relationship as friends. She finds his design cute, and his abilities exciting.

Mitch Williams

He can be considered her enemy at times, because he tried to mind wipe both her and High Five, and because he frequently tries to humiliate both of them due to being low levels on the team.


He does not mind her being on the team, so both of them have a good relationship as co-workers.


She does not mind her being on the team, so both of them have a good relationship as co-workers.

Emma Deveraux

The Hinobi scientist relationship with her has yet to be fully determined.


He has a good relationship with her, working together with High Five on missions, and both of them are good friends.


He doesn't mind her being on the team so both are in good terms, especially after she and Five saved him.


He was against her when he was possessed by a glitch, but after he was turned back to normal, he became friends with her and reconciled with his childhood friend, High Five.




Miko is a female of medium height, she has galaxy-colored hair with bangs in a hime cut, and fairly light skin. When she is wearing her employee uniform, her hair is put up into a bun.


Miko has multiple main outfits, such as her normal clothes, shown in the right top corner. She has an employee outfit. She also uses her Glitch Tech uniform to fight and capture glitches.

Her normal clothing includes a black tank top covered with a yellow cat t-shirt, black tights, a blue hoodie wrapped around her waist, red and white socks, blue sneakers, and an orange wristband.

Miko's employee outfit consists of a blue polo shirt with a white H embedded onto it, white pants, and shoes.

Her Glitch Tech uniform consists of a white suit, a black chest plate with a white H embedded onto it, black sleeves and knee padding, a Glitch Tech glove, clear classes, and white & pink sneakers.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

Repair of electronics: She can repair a whack a mole (bunny in the case) arcade machine in "Collection Quest", and even fixed a customer's handheld Hinobi console after accidentally breaking it in "Going, Going, Gauntlet!".

Immunity to mind wipe: As seen in "Age of Hinobi" and for unknown reasons, her mind can't be erased with the mind wipe blast of Glitch Tech gloves.


  • Cat bubble: shot at the target and capture it midair in a bubble full of cat.
  • Mind Wipe
  • Energy Blasts
  • Weapon and Shield Formation


  • Pet: can store her glitch pet Ally or summon it to help her. She can select a skin for her to give other abilities.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Danish Sandra Bothmann
Dutch Pip Pellens
Finnish Emma Louhivuori
French Jennifer Fauveau
German Yamuna Kemmerling
Greek Elena Delakoura
Italian Serena Sigismondo
Japanese Tomo Muranaka
Norwegian Gina Ibsen
Polish Aleksandra Kowalicka
Portuguese (Brazilian) Pamela Rodrigues
Portuguese (European) Isabel Queirós
Romanian Cătălina Chirțan
Spanish (Latin America) Desireé González
Spanish (Castilian/Spain) Masumi Mutsuda
Swedish Linn Ehrner
Turkish Damla Özüduru


  • She is immune to the effects from Hinobi's memory removing tech used by Mitch Williams.
    • For some curretly unknown reason, instead of the "..." signal after a mind wipe, it shows an error signal (red icon). When the memory wipe protocol was on her TV, Miko was knocked out, but she still retained her memory, unlike everyone else who lost theirs, including Five. Later on, Mitch tried to wipe her memory multiple times, but it still wouldn't work on her.
  • According to Dan Milano on Twitter, the name of Miko's family dog as shown in "Age of Hinobi" was named Cloud, after the protagonist from Final Fantasy VII. Dan Milano mentioned Miko also has a cat named Aerith, another character from that game, but that character model had not yet been used. However, when Dan was asked if Aerith would be featured in any future episode, he answered "Sure!"
  • Miko's character was heavily inspired by Monica Ray, Felicia Day and Ashly Burch.
  • Dan Milano explained on Twitter that Miko was written to show apparent signs of ADHD, which explains her strong dislike of tutorials in Tutorial Mode as well as her limited focus in Going, Going Gauntlet.


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