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Mike Simms is a supporting character of Glitch Techs. He is a professional video game player, who's gaming skills are on par with or rivaled against Miko since he beat her long running high scores in the game, Sock-em Rockers.


Mike Simms and his older brother Ryu are two new kids in the town of Bailley who have just moved in from Dabney. Mike was first mentioned by Ridley in the episode The Glitch Modder, where Ridley tells Miko that she plans on using her Chomp Kitty/Dragon mod against anyone who said she's a weirdo, especially get back at Mike Simms. It's currently unknown why Ridley antagonizes Mike. Perhaps the two used to be friends until Ridley accused Mike for ruining everything for her when really Mike was just trying to help. Or while some kids called Ridley weird, Mike was tempted into joining them in teasing Ridley just to look cool, falling into peer pressure. Maybe Mike's trolling habit could be because he might've been a victim of bullying.

In the episode Settling the Score, one day, Mike and Ryu show up in the Joystick Junior's arcade to troll and distract all the players causing them to mess up on their games, including Miko, much to her annoyance. Nix, the scorekeeper, tells Miko that he's heard that Ryu in his hometown beat the high score in three games each, but Miko was gonna say she couldn't care less about who has the highest scores as long as you have fun playing through and being a pro anyway. But Nix interrupts, informing Miko that her long running high scores in Sock Em' Rockers have just been beaten recently with the scores crowding her's, causing her to lose her cool. Why Miko was so attached to her high score in that game was because getting the high score was how she gained friends and popularity back when she was the new kid in town. So Miko immediately goes right to that game, and was able to gain a new high score, and everyone including Five cheer for her. Mike and Ryu show up to try and mess with her again, causing Miko to get angry while five pulls her back.

While Five and Miko were about to move on to find a new Glitch Tech mission, Nix tells them that Miko's new high score had just been beaten again. Miko gets upset and goes out to find Ryu and Mike, assuming Ryu beat her high score. But when she got to their house, it turns out Ryu's kid brother Mike was the one who beat her score. While Miko confronts Mike, dumfounded by the fact that a kid like him beat her high score, Mike tells her he could even beat his brother at any game. So, Miko challenges Mike to a Vs. mode dance off in Sock Em' Rockers. The winner gets to keep their high score in the game, while the loser is forced to retire from the game. Miko then has Five to hold on to her Glitch Tech bracelet while he and Ryu watch them.

After a few hours of competitive dancing, neither Miko nor Mike were willing to give in, so Five got bored and left to find some missions to do. Suddenly, Miko and Mike inadvertently cause the game to glitch and cause the monsters they were playing as to fight each other and wreck havoc outside of the house, which led to both the Bailley and Dabney Techs to put a stop to the glitches. Five tried to call Miko for help, but he still had her gauntlet with him. So he, with Alpha's help, goes right to a telephone wire to contact Miko and Mike to stop their dance off since their monsters were wrecking havoc. Mike was still too stubborn to give in, while Miko, who appears to be winning against Mike, is still determined to maintain her high score. Five informs Miko that a high score record does not define who she is, and she's already proven to be one the best gamers in town, and his best friend. So Miko stops to realize that Mike was simply just he new kid in town while he beat the high score just like herself as a kid. Miko realizes that Mike needs the high score more than her since even though Mike is a troll, he at least needs some friends and popularity just like she gained as a kid. So Miko leaves the game to let Mike win, so the Techs outside could be able to capture the glitches with ease.

Miko congratulates Mike, while Mike rejoices and rubs it in telling Miko she agreed to retire from Sock Em' Rockers. Miko was cool with that saying that she's already played that game long enough in the past to last the rest of her life. However, Mike changes his mind telling her that instead they can still play the game and challenge each other anytime since he and his brother just moved in. Miko agrees, and the two reconcile and become friends. Miko tells Mike she'll be in the arcade waiting for him one day, while Mike answers he'll be sure to kick her butt next time. While Miko and Five leave back home, Mike smiles happy to have found a friend in Miko.


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