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Mayumi Kubota

Mayumi Kubota is a Japanese-American supporting character of Glitch Techs. She is Miko, Nica, Lexi, Lee, and Geoffrey Kubota's mother and Hugh Kubota's wife.

She is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.




Mayumi has been shown to be a strict and overprotective mother at times, but she is also very loving to her children, including Miko, and she still cares about them wanting the best for them too.


Miko Kubota

Miko is her middle daughter, and Mayumi loves her just like all her kids. Miko does not like how her mom is strict with her with doing something more "proactive" and how she hardly shows support for her love for video games. Despite this, they both love each other, and they became even closer after Miko started working for Hinobi.

High Five

Mayumi knows that he is a good friend of her daughter Miko and trusts him to keep her safe at all times.

Lexi Kubota

Lexi is her youngest daughter and Mayumi loves her just like all her kids. She tried to cheer up Lexi by taking her to get some frosty freezes in Karate Trainer.

Nica Kubota

Nica is her older daughter and Mayumi loves her just like all her kids. Mayumi is very demanding toward her kids to get along and spent time together especially, towards Nica and Miko.


Mayumi is an older-looking Japanese woman. Her hair is short, black and straight and parted to one side. She is often seen wearing white, high-waisted pants that end beneath her knee, and a pink short-sleeved sweater.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Spanish (Latin America) Alexandra Vicencio



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