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LuC++ is a robotic assistant for Hinobi.


Not much is known about LuC++, but they appear to be a perky AI in the service of Hinobi. They appear briefly having a conversation with BITT in the episode "Ping". They mention to BITT "And then just to mess with them, I said, "The cake is a pie.", a joke that BITT states he does not understand.


LuC++ is reminiscent of GLaDOS from the popular video game Portal. They appear to be a white-plated orb with a black monitor for a face that displays two pink lights as eyes. The orb is hoisted up by a metal module that is presumably connected to the wall.


  • Their name was first listed in the Netflix English subtitles. It might be a portmanteau of the given name Lucy and the general-purpose C programming language C++.
  • LuC++'s joke when talking with LuC++ closely mimics an oft-quoted phrase by GLaDOS "The cake is a lie" in Portal. The meaning of this phrase is foreshadowing of GLaDOS's helpful intentions belying her manipulative and sinister nature. LuC++ may be foreshadowing of Hinobi's darker side, or just a one-off reference.

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