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The list of all Easter eggs and references in Glitch Techs.

Reference Explanation Where? Episode(s)
1337 Leetspeak for "Elite". Miko's family's house number. 1, others
Aliens Second movie of the Alien film series. Lexi defends Miko and Five against a fighting glitch saying, "Get away from them you glitch!" 10
Alvin and the Chipmunks Fictional music group from the late 1950s. Miko's avatar talks in a high pitched voice telling Five to join her "chipmunk boy band." 1
Among Us Popular murder mystery game released in 2018 The plot of the whole episode other than the montages. 16
Beetlejuice Comedy ghost movie directed by Tim Burton. Miko calls Mitch a "wrinkly old sandworm" while she and Five were spying on him. 2
Baskin Robbins Ice cream shop. Zahra references the 31 flavors. 7
Batman Superhero franchise Miko said "To The Mikomobile!" 18
Bioshock Video game. Zahra calls the spaceship a real "Big Daddy." 7
Candy Crush A mobile app that's a candy themed puzzle game developed by King. Miko's sister Nica enjoys playing an app game called "Crystal Crush". 8
Castlevania Gothic adventure-game about vampire hunters. The antagonist of the episode originates from "Castlestein". This includes a variation of the classic "What is a man?" scene. 6
Deadpool Modern action movie. When pulling Five out from under Garbile, Miko yells "Maximum Effort" the catchphrase from the first Deadpool movie. 3
Doug The first original animated series to air on Nickelodeon. Miko's father wears a white shirt with a green sweater vest and tan pants similar to Doug Funnie's apparel. Various
Fanboy and Chum Chum Nickelodeon animated series by the show's co-creator, Eric Robles.
  • Frosty Mart is one of the neighboring stores near Hinobi.
  • One of the Smash Jam Tournament player names is Chumchum.
  • One of the kids with Five while playing Chomp Kitty is named Lupe, who looks and sounds like the character from FB & CC.
  • Miko's mom asks Lexi if she'd like a Frosty Freezy Freeze.
  • Geri offers her kid customers some Frosty Freezy Freezes.
  • Ryu and Mike walk out of the Frosty Mart after each buying a Frosty Freezy Freeze.
1, 9, 12, 18
Final Fantasy Video game. Ally serves as a Chocobo expy, straight from a Final Fantasy parody called Bravestone XII. 4
Five Nights at Freddy's Video game about keeping an eye on evil animatronic robots and prevent them from jumpscaring you. Miko says "Yeah, well, that's what sick, twisted robots like him get for straight Jump-scaring people!" after High Five realizes Miko was the one who broke the Ralphie Bear animatronic while being chased by the Cakey Von Smasher robot. 12
Ghostbusters A supernatural comedy film by Ivan Reitman, which is one of show's co-creator Dan Milano's favorite movies.
  • After being covered with suds from the car wash, Nica tells Miko she looks like she just lost a fight with a 100 foot marshmallow.
  • Five's apartment building bears resemblance to the Ghostbusters firehouse.
  • BITT makes a siren noise that sounds like the Ecto-1 siren noise.
  • Miko says, "Let's ghost, Buster!"
8, 17, 18, 19
Ghost Recon Shooter Game. Miko's response to Five's plan of playing the game was "Right on, "Ghost Recon." 10
Gravity Falls TV Series A girl that looks alike like Mabel Pines. 8
Guitar Hero Music rhythm game played with a guitar-shaped controller. Miko is energetically playing a similar game in her room. 1
Hatsune Miku Vocaloid software voicebank. Poster on Miko's wall. 1, 9
Hulk Hogan Former wrestler. Garbile, the episode's antagonist glitch wants to wrestle with Miko and Five, is a reminiscent of Hulk Hogan especially when the glitch says the catchphrase "Brother." 3
iCarly Nickelodeon sitcom by Dan Schneider The Groovy Smoothie is one of the stores near Hinobi. 1
Indiana Jones Film Franchise Five actually likes turtles, though Bergy does the reference straightforward later. 8
Jazz Jackrabbit Video game. The glitch is a rabbit with a gun, one that resembles the main protagonist. 9
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Anime franchise. At one point, Miko is going over what poses she'd want to be frozen in. One pose in particular is the Jojo pose of Josuke Higashikata 6
Kamen Rider Series Franchise. At one point, Miko is going over what poses she'd want to be frozen in. One of the poses she does is the transformation pose of Kamen Rider Ichigo 6
Left4Dead Video game. Mecha constantly complains about hating things. 7
Legend of Zelda Game franchise When capturing Chomp Kitty, Miko is holding up the master sword. 2
Lord of The Rings (Gollum) Movie Franchise. Five is clinging to a large gemstone that's stuck in the ground. Miko distracted Five's pre-order with an old man that looks like a Gandalf expy. 8
Men In Black Movie Franchise. memory removing tech as reset prevent its customers knowing the glitches existence same as Neuralyzer all
Mario Kart Video game. Miko references the Triple Mushroom powerup. 4
Metal Gear Solid Video game. Five is playing a game just like it, including a cover and a main character similar to the series, down to the player's capacity to hide in a box, which inspired Five to bring one to the dojo and Miko's house, to little success. When Miko tells Five her plan to sneak Lexi in to work, the visuals switch to something resembling the Codec calls from Metal Gear Solid. 10
Metroid Video game. Miko mentions a certain Nintendo series by name when Ally transforms.

Miko: Heavens to Metroid.

Microsoft Windows (Clippie) The tutorial character, Helpie, is a parody of Microsoft Windows "helper" characters from the late 1990s; namely the infamous and oft-hated Clippie. As an annoying tutorial NPC, he also has quite a bit in common with the infamous Omochao from Sonic the hedgehog. 3
Mission Impossible Film Franchise After Miko tells Five her plan, Five says "This message will self destruct." 10
Mortal Kombat Video game.
  • Mitch uses the term "flawless victory" when describing his streak of defeating various glitches.

  • Miko rushes through a campsite and eats a roasted marshmallow saying, "Mmm, TOASTY!!!"
1, 12
Noob Impolite term for a newcomer / inexperienced gamer. 1, others
Overwatch Popular multiplayer first-person shooter from 2016. Five and his team fight against glitches from the game "Oversight". Like in Overwatch, the glitches spawn in their spaceship and they want to conquer points.

*The Tech Specialist bears a resemblance to Soldier: 76 because of the similar-looking goggles and scar he has and also they share the same voice actor.

7, 19
Pac-Man Classic Video game. In its game, the glitch Chomp Kitty is also eating round orbs and food-related powerups. 1, 2
Pokemon * As he was cooking food in the truck, Five said: "I choose you".
* Blonde girl plays a game with a similar fight mechanic. This episode's Glitch of the Week originates from a Pokemon expy called Flunky Quest. The glitch seems to be able to say its own name only.
1, 3, 4, 9
Polybius At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Hinobi Games corporate is monitoring Miko and Five, believing them to be the individuals capable of finding and containing Bolypius, which is an obvious reference to the arcade urban legend Polybius. 3
Power Glove A Nintendo Entertainemt System third-party accessory made by Mattel, which was infamous for hardly being functional and a critical failure. The Glitch Tech gauntlet bears resemblance to the infamous Power Glove. Various
Sonic The Hedgehog Video Game Franchise. Lexi's moves after channeling her chi includes a spin jump. The glitch that the duo fights in the Cold Open is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog (a Totally Radical cartoon animal with Super Speed). 10, 9
Space Invaders 2D shooting game from 1978. Carved onto a tree in front of Miko's house. On a poster in Miko's room. 1
Street Fighter Fighting game franchise. 10
Super Mario Jump-and-Run game franchise. * Chomp Kitty being gigantified by a powerup and defeated by an alternate version of the same powerup is a reference to the Super Mushroom and Poison Mushroom
* Turtles are spinning around like e.g. Bowser. How do you defeat a turtle glitch? You jump on it. Bergie shouting out some of Mario's iconic noises when collecting gems.
1, 8
Scooby-Doo Mystery solving cartoon by Hanna-Barbera.
  • Miko's family dog bears resemblance to Scooby-Doo, since both are Great Danes.
  • The teenagers that caught Nica goofing off with Miko somewhat resemble Shaggy, Velma and Daphne.
  • Miko says "Jinkies!", Velma Dinkley's catchphrase.
1, 8, 13
Sky Rat Scrapped cartoon by Nickelodeon.
Target Retail Store Mayumi Kubota once told Miko that she bought her a blouse at Bullseye. ?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series Franchise When Five goes to check a tank of turtles for a glitch, Bergie advises him to "look for martial arts weapons and bandanas." 8
Tetris Tile-matching puzzle video game. Narwhalrus is spitting Tetris Blocks. 8
The Karate Kid Movie Miko's dad mentions a movie where a kid learns karate by painting fences and sanding floors. 10
The Legend of Zelda Video game. The paddle that contained Alpha's missing bolt had some distinctly Hylian markings on it. The true final boss has a weakness to Five's Mirror Shield. The Spword of Gygaggen is basically just straight up the Master Sword though. 9, 6
The Lonely Island Comedy Troupe Mitch claims to take down bosses "like a boss." 8
Transformers Toy line from Hasbro The Smashozaurs themselves appear to be a combination of Dinobots and Battle Beasts. 5
Twitch Online streaming platform. While working, Five is watching a video game news stream on "Twooch". 1
The Loud House A popular animated series on Nickelodeon Miko's family's house has a boomerang and frisbee on the lower roof just like the house of Lincoln Loud and his family. 1, others
The Wilhelm Scream Iconic stock sound effect of a man screaming. The attack of glitch Ginko hurls some person away. 3 (15:21)
Thunder Cats TV show from 1985. The opening sequence for Smashozaurs, as well as the logo for the series, is a play on the ThunderCats (1985) emblem, with the lion switched out for a triceratops. 5
Various Video Game Companies * The game consoles Five and Miko scroll through on the computer directory include the Hinobi Entertainment System (Nintendo Entertainment System), Hinobi CD (Sega CD), Hinobi TurboTech 2K (TurboGrafx16), and Hinobi Com (Game Com).
* Five wears a green t-shirt with what looks like an NES controller on it. Miko throws an NES controller at Ally in order to tame him and get back her gauntlet he swallowed.
Voltron Miko and Five summon "Sanitron" 3