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Miko: I can't help you practice karate. I have to get back to work!
Lexi: Yeah, work... where you use those magicky powers of yours.
Miko: [nervous laughter] Magicky powers? Me, your mild-mannered sister about town? [scoffs] That is completely ridiculous
[Not having any of it, Lexi presses the button of Miko's bracelet to unveil her gauntlet and release Ally.]
Miko: Okay, but just to be clear, my powers are techy, not magicky. [prepares the memory wiping feature of her gauntlet] How long have you known about my gauntlet?
Lexi: Forever. [jumps to her bed] And don't try to zap me with the forgetty thing that you used on Mom and Dad 'cause I back up the evidence.
[Lexi shows the footage of Five and Miko fighting against a carnivorous plant glitch back in "Smashozaurs".]
Miko: [gasps] I've been compromised! [stands up from her bed] You do realize blackmail is a violation of the sibling code!

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