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Karate Trainer

Karate Trainer is the tenth and last episode of the first season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on February 21, 2020.


Eager to level up her skills before a karate tournament, Lexi convinces Miko to fire up a video game simulator to help hone her moves.


At Miko's home, Lexi reveals to her having knowledge of Miko's work being a Glitch Tech to ask her help for training before her Karate finals. Miko agrees, and calls in Five for help to sneak into the simulator at HQ by swiping Phil's access card and explain Lexi to Five. Activating the "Karate Trainer 4" dojo, Lexi struggles to learn the skills for the martial arts styles until Miko demonstrates as Five elaborates. Exiting the "Monkey" stage, Five learns from BITT that the simulator is under repairs, and won't deactivate as Lexi's training belt remains in use. Arriving at the Karate Finals, after Lexi looses to rival Nancy McGillicutty and the Kubotas leave, Miko and Five try to derez the training belt. However, it instead materializes the Dojo and The Master, who overwhelms Five and Miko. Lexi hears Master's words and realizes that, as the "student," she needs to beat the Master instead. Five and Miko watch as Lexi uses the martial arts she gained from the game to overpower and defeat the master, ending the Glitch and earns a perfect combo game trophy. The sisters go home to play more games, with Lexi comfortable with winning or losing.



  • Lexi reveals she known about Miko working at Glitch Techs since the event from "Age of Hinobi".
  • The video that Lexi took is from "Smashozaurs".
  • Mayumi mentioned to Lexi of getting Frosty Freezes, which is a reference to Fanboy & Chum Chum.


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