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I'm Mitch Williams

I'm Mitch Williams is the ninth episode of the second season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on August 17, 2020.[1]


An alert at a house infamous for glitch-heavy activity sets Mitch on edge. When Miko and High Five get there, they learn why it's so personal to him.


When Mitch is locked out of a high level job, Zahra and Nix tell Five and Miko that the location is basically a regularly spawning Glitch XP Farm. Mitch petitions Phil for the job so the occupants aren't perma-banned by the "Tech Specialist," so Phil approves and advises debugging the house. Following Mitch, Five and Miko learn he resupplies the occupants, three of the "Furious Four," whenever they break their gaming tech. As Mitch explains himself, a root form Glitch manifests and the trio struggle to catch it, with only 15 minutes before the Tech Specialist arrives. After setting up a trap when cutting the power, but unaware of the backup generator, the Glitch grows to massive size. Five and Miko learn the house belongs to Mitch, the occupants are his siblings, and his job as a Glitch Tech strained their relationship. As Five and Miko are captured by the Glitch, and Mitch's siblings give him a pep talk about his being needed. Using modder-fobs, Mitch gives his siblings an "AR Experience" to help him capture the Glitch, and save Miko and Five. Presenting a "clean" home to the Specialist, The Willams siblings reconcile and start cleaning up their house.



  • The episode title was first leaked by Dan Milano.
  • Mitch shown that he have older siblings.


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