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Hugh Kubota is the father of Miko Kubota and husband of Mayumi Kubota.


Not much is known about his life or career aside from his family. He has five kids and seems to be constantly keeping up with the busy board.


Hugh is gentle with his family, offering Miko extra game time to soothe her disappointment regarding Hinobi Smash. When reset, he becomes confused due to Miko not being there anymore.


Miko Kubota

Not much is known about his relationship with his daughter, though he seems to care about her as well as her siblings a fair bit. He often calls her 'kiddo' and apologizes for them not having time for Hinobi Smash.

Mayumi Kubota

Little is known about his relationship with his wife, but they seem to have a good marriage.

Nica Kubota

She is his older daughter in his family.

Lexi Kubota

She is his younger daughter in his family.

Geoffrey Kubota

He is his oldest son in his family.

Lee Kubota

He is his youngest son in his family.


Hugh is tall with fair skin and a big nose, which some of his children have inherited. He wears a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up underneath a green sweater, tucked into his brown pants.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Spanish (Latin America) Raúl Solo




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