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Hinobi Stores

Hinobi Stores are shops that sell gaming and technology equipment provided by Hinobi. Their employees are secretly the Glitch Techs, but also work at the store helping customers with their needs.


Hinobi's slogan is, "The Future Is Fun." Their mascot is a bee named "Nobi."


Reception: Hinobi's reception is located right behind the entrance of the store. There is usually one recptionist present, helping customers with questions or problems regarding Hinobi products.

Gaming Area: In Hinobi's gaming area, customers are able to try out the company's games.

Smash Jam Arena: This huge room is were Hinobi's annual Smash Jam tournament takes place.


Gaming Console Hinobi's most popular electronic product. It brings joy to their customers' living rooms, but it's also the source of glitches.
Kicks Limited edition sneakers for about $200. Five describes them as the "most limited and exclusive fan merchandise".
They are sold out shortly after the store opens.
VR Headset N/A
Wristband Handed out to the best gamers in a certain area.
They are the entry card to participate in Hinobi's Smash Jam tournaments.

Glitch Techs Headquarters

The gathering room for all local Glitch Techs. Accessible only for Glitch Techs members through a large blue portal in e.g. the employees' lockers.

Click the portal to enter!

GT Portal.png


  • Hinobi Stores are inspired by real life technology stores such as those for Apple, Microsoft and Nintendo.
  • A couple of the neighboring stores near Hinobi actually originated from other Nickelodeon shows. These stores are Frosty Mart, a convenience store from Fanboy and Chum Chum, which is an animated series created by the show's co-creator Eric Robles, and The Groovy Smoothie from the Nickelodeon sitcom, iCarly.
  • The rest of the stores include Snake Shake, which is a play on the restaurant Shake Shack, and Noodle King which is presumably a play on Burger King. There's also Tropical World, Pizza Pawn, Hobby Haul, The Book Stop, and You've Got Bail
  • The zone is similar to Starligth plaza from the serie Turbo fast