Hinobi Technology is a company that creates high tech video game products, such as gaming consoles, VR gears, gaming bands, etc. It is the headquarters of Glitch Techs operators.


Hinobi sends out its operators when problems regarding their video game consoles occur. For example, a glitch could have escaped into the real world. These operators, also known as Glitch Techs', will defeat and capture the glitch. After that, witnesses will be mindwiped and destroyed surroundings reverted back to their former state.

When not on a mission, Glitch Techs work in Hinobi Stores, fixing ordinary issues that customers have with the company's products.

List of Video games



Gaming Console Hinobi's most popular electronic product. It brings joy to their customers' living rooms, but it's also the source of glitches.
Kicks Limited edition sneakers for about $200. Five describes them as the "most limited and exclusive fan merchandise".
They are sold out shortly after the store opens.
VR Headset N/A
Wristband Handed out to the best gamers in a certain area.
They are the entry card to participate in Hinobi's Smash Jam tournaments.



  • The company's memory removing tech is similar to the Neuralyzer from Men In Black to prevent its customers knowing the glitches existence, yet Miko is immune to its effects.
  • It is unknown if the mind wiping devices can actually cause physical harm or the person's identity to be erased if it is overuse too much on the same person.
  • Hinobi appears to be based somewhat on real life tech companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, and more.
  • Mitch overuses mind wiping people for the fun of it and getting what he wants.


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