High Five

Oh, Nerds!

—Five's catchphrase

Hector "High Five" Nieves (sometimes referred to as just Five) is the male protagonist in Glitch Techs.

He is voiced by Ricardo Hurtado.


Hector Nieves is a 16-year-old Mexican-American who is a good friend with Miko, and who works at Hinobi's store while secretly as a Glitch Tech operator to fight and capture glitches. He's a more puzzle-oriented gamer compared to Miko and usually comes up with the plans and strategies to fight glitches, making him the brains to Miko's brawn.


High Five is a nice and caring boy who loves playing video games and will do anything to achieve his goal, never giving up.

Five does have a tendency to fear the unknown, and when assigned a job, he is often afraid to fail it- leading people like Mitch to steer him wrong. Five often gets stuck in his own head, unable to act in the moment, his mind to full to go the distance.

When Five does get out of his own head, he's capable of putting the puzzle of any game together, such as Castlestein, keeping all the loot gathered, just in case he would need something later. His plans rarely fail, and when his instincts catch up, he's one of the most dangerous Glitch Techs around.


He is tall, very slim, and has fairly dark tan skin. He has a puffy hairstyle with a galaxy purple hue, along with slim arms and legs.



Miko is Five's partner and one of his best friends. He enjoys passing time with her on the job and out of it, and they frequently play games together. He has much trust in her: even when Mitch pointed out she could be a glitch with a very solid argument in the episode "Find the Glitch", Five argued that it didn't matter because he would continue trusting her.

Before meeting face-to-face for the first time, Five had often played against Me_K.O. in online matches but had lost to her every time, making him a little irked when they finally met.


Five was fanatic of Mitch as a gamer, for this is one of the most tolerant with his arrogant self centered behavior for his trust in his skill and knowledge, but doesn't have problem to directly confront him when he crosses the line. Aside all Five openly considers him as friend.


Casino is the childhood friend of Five. They care for each other and go to play videogames together often.


A kid Five and Miko found that is a a skilled modder. She made a new Chomp Kitty that was purple and named it Horn. She uses Glitches that were caught and tweaks there AI and appearance to make them nice pets




They became good friends in "Collection Quest" and often went on missions together after that, indicating they are on good terms.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

Cooking: Before he joined the Glitch Techs, he shown to be a competent cook in his family food truck.

Leadership: He can quickly make plans, using anything to his disposition and considering his companions' abilities, he demonstrates to have adaptive in these plans when these don't work exactly he adapt to it and create a new one.

Programming and electronics knowledge: He is sometimes seen reading books on programming in his down time. In "Ping", he demonstrated that he is capable of making modifications to arcade game cabinets.

Glitch Tech Gauntlet: Basic equipment of any Glitch Tech member:

Gauntlet upgrades:

  • Jet Boots: First acquired in "Going, Going, Gauntlet!", this upgrade allowed Five to jump higher and fly, but he initially had inept control. They were eventually traded in to combine Five and Miko's EXP into legally keeping Ally, though Five earned them back before their reappearance in "Collection Quest".
  • Skins
    • StegaZaur Exo Suit: A large, heavy-duty armor skin first featured in "Smashozaurs", directly inspired by Five's favorite character from the series. The suit was primarily used to match against the strength of Casino's TriTops form, though it was eventually wrecked.
    • Modded Wizard (temporary): A custom mod skin of a wizard from the game "Fire Age 4", created by Ridley and compatible with the data of her modified Glitches, allowing Five to battle and capture them.
  • Hoverboard: First seen in "Smashozaurs", it's another travel tool primarily used for quick escapes. It can carry about two people.
  • Speed boost: Augments his speed for a short period of time.
  • Duplication Mod: Created by Ridley, it is a energy blast that makes a glitch split into two exact duplicates.
  • Stationary cannon: a big cannon similar to a tank's with a powerful blast but needs the help of another glitch tech to deploy and use. He and Nameless used it together in its only appearance, so it is not clear whether it belongs to Five or Nameless.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Spanish (Latin America) Carlos Siller
Portuguese (Brazilian) Yan Gesteira
Portuguese (European) Pedro Manana
Spanish (Castilian/Spain) Alex Molina
Polish Karol Osentowski/Jakub Strach (Young)


  • Five's only family members to appear onscreen are his grandparents and there’s no mention as to what happened to his parents, but episode four reveals that they were around two years ago, at least. It's eventually revealed in Ping that Emilio Nieves, Five's dad, is currently in prison for hacking a firewall.
  • Five started as more of a typical protagonist but as details were added, the GT crew drew from Eric Robles' real life. Other inspirations were elements of Peter Parker, Marty McFly & Will Smith. Many on the team brought their own inspiration to him as well including the artists and actor Ricardo Hurtado, who greatly inspired the overall dialogue for Five.
  • Five's hair is based on Ray Santiago's.
  • Five doesn’t mention any siblings.
  • At his full height, Five is visibly taller than Miko.
  • Even his grandparents refer to him as Five.
  • Every once in a while he switches over to Spanish, usually when excited or surprised.
  • When he finds his tournament wristband in Mitch's truck, his memories return, and even before that he seems to subconsciously realize that something is off.



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