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Haneesh Jyoshi

Haneesh Jyoshi is a member of the Glitch Techs and a supporting character of the series.

He is voiced by Sandeep Parikh.


Another veteran Glitch Tech and friend of Zahra. While a little sarcastic, he's very supportive Five and Miko as rookies, and was fine with Five becoming a temporary leader of Mitch's teams.

According to the Glitch Techs manual, he was a pro gaming prodigy by the age of six, but the pressure of high-stakes gaming caused him to flame out hard. He left the e-sports world behind, and was recruited by the Glitch Techs. [1]


He has a calm personality, doesn't like to lead, and prefers to work with others. While a little sarcastic, he's very supportive of the rookies Five and Miko, and was fine with Five temporarily becoming leader of Mitch's team.


Haneesh is a human adolescent male with a portly build. He has brown skin and black hair. He's noticeable shorter than Zahra and even shorter than Miko.

Power, abilities, and equipment

Glove: Like all Glitch Techs, Haneesh comes with an augmented glove with weaponry designed to contain and capture glitches. It has the following abilities:

  • Mind Wipe
  • Energy Blasts
  • Weapon and Shield Formation
  • Portals


  • Scissors: Haneesh can create a pair of scissors in his back that point up. He can use it to cut a Glitch by throwing himself toward the target.
  • Speed Boost



  • In "Alpha Leader," he recalled being a team leader once and said it did not go well.


  1. Q&A answer from Dan Milano on Glitchcord (April 25th, 2020)
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