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Going, Going, Gauntlet!

Going. Going. Gauntlet! is the fourth episode of the first season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on February 21, 2020.


It's Miko and High Five's first official day on the job! But crisis soon strikes when Miko's high-tech gear gets stolen by a peculiar bird.


On their inaugural day, Miko & Five get their first gauntlets, but Miko looses hers to a teleporting bird, and panics remembering her mom's "Focus" lecture. Confronting the bird again, it eats Miko's gauntlet to fire derez blasts, informing Five that it replicates powers from whatever it eats. The duo get the idea to use the mung bean sandwich lunch Miko's mom gave her to a trigger gag reflex, forcing the gauntlet free. Five scans the bird, who Miko names "Ally," and finds it was unstable after eating another Glitch, identified as Ginko from "Flunky Quest", which grew to the size of a small building in a few short moments. Miko breaks her gauntlet just defending Five and Ally, but they learn Ginko's pattern. After they devise a plan using Ally to attack Ginko's power source, Five gives Miko his gauntlet to take the shot using a timed dive bomb to derez giant Ginko and earn 10,000 XP. After reseting witness memories, Phil repairs Miko's gauntlet, and the duo turn in their XP for prizes, but decide to instead list Ally as a companion pet in their team's resources. At home, Miko's mom tells her how proud she is about getting her job.



  • The episode title is a play on the phrase "going, going, gone."
  • Miko has her own glitch pet companion.
  • This is Miko and High Five first official day on the job and they are trying to capture glitches, such as Ally to level up so quickly to get cool upgraded items but at the last minute they changed their minds on debugging the bird but they still got XP from debugging Ginko.


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