The Glitches (aka Zoids) are video game monsters that come into the world of Glitch Techs through faulty video game consoles from the company Hinobi Technology. They consist of Plixels.


A glitch needs glitch energy to maintain its form. If its energy depleted, a glitch reverts back to its root form, a small, green/purple ball of energy with an evil face.

When not in their root form, each glitch will differ in appearance. This is due to them originating from all kinds of different video games. They could be a huge, green angry cat (Chomp Kitty), a wrestling garbage monster (Garbile), a big red friendly bird (Ally), an army of zombies, a carnivorous plant, a vampire, medusa creature (Count Nogrog), a small rabbit with a small helmet (Zoom Kazoom), a (Narwhalrus), a karate rooster (Karate Master), and the list goes on.


Glitches are based on the code their game is written with. Dialogue is fixed, and movements appear in patterns. Thus, glitches are predictable, and knowing the video game the monster is from is an advantage when fighting them. When interacting with the real world, their behavior can sometimes be seen as weird. In "Age of Hinobi" Chomp Kitty mistakes balls in a ball pit and people for "pallets", and tries to eat them. If programmed to eat, they will try to do so in the real world as well. Although they can't really digest what they consider food, some function might get triggered.

Types Of Glitches

  • Normal Glitches

Normal glitches are, most of the time, humanoid entities which cannot change the real world other than by physically interacting with it.

Mapper glitches can change the appearance of both living and dead objects of the real world.

Possessor glitches can take over humans and most likely animals as well. The human copies the Glitch's appearance and physical capabilities. Over time, the human mind will slowly merge into the possessor Glitch's code.

Multiplayer glitches can only be captured by destroying their "respawn ship" first. They are the only glitches known to act as a group, coordinated.

List of Known Glitches



  • There are some glitches that are good, such as Ally.
  • Glitches are similar to Bugsters from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, in the case they are sentient beings born from a video game's data



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