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The manual of style is a page that editors will be recommended to refer to before they make any edit on the wiki.

The purpose of the manual of style is to provide guidelines for users that want to help stylize the articles into professionally written pieces of work, serve as a guide for new editors to watch out for in articles, make articles consistent with each other and resolve edit disputes.

Since the manual of style serves as a guide for users to follow, it is a house style the wiki wants users to apply for the sake of quality and not as a rule to follow. This means two things: The users that have edits including elements disregarded in the manual of style will not be in trouble (unless it was to purposefully disrupt) and the user can "break the rules" if they feel their edits can improve something (in which case, it is still recommended to contact a moderator for their opinion).

The manual of style considers every aspect of how a page should look. This includes the technical aspects, its organization, its visual design and look, reference reliability and validity, and the sentence structures. More detail on the subjects targeted is below in their own sections.

Literacy Know how to write in articles professionally and effectively.
Technical Know how to write in the source code and learn the standard formatting practice.
Organization Know the proper page structure and expected ease of navigation.
Files Know the proper formatting, attribution, categorization, and gallery file quality expectations.


  • Not a requirement, but it is advised to switch Visual Editor to Source Editor in Special:Preferences. Source Editor does most of the job that the Manual of Style ask for.
  • It's recommended to use the "Preview" button before publishing to ensure the page looks the way you intended it to look.

Tip: All users must have essential background experience in grammar, punctuation usage, mechanics, sentence structure, and paragraph development utilizing the conventions of standard written English. While the Manual of Style may not cover everything listed in regards to simple English composition, there are a few grammar handbooks out in the web such as Grammarly, etc.

Note: The manual of style pages may be updated if adjustments are made for the wiki, please check up frequently if the manual of style gets updated.

Credits to the Steven Universe and OK K.O.! Wiki’s Manual of Style along with the original authors.