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Glitch Techs Headquarters
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The Glitch Techs Headquarters are the assembly room of Hinobi Technology's Glitch Techs. They seem to only be accessible via Hinobi's portal technology. The headquarters' location is unknown.

Glitch Techs Technology & Plixels

Plixels are the major component of the Glitch Techs' gear. Activated from a wristband, the TechGauntlets form as Plixels around a Glitch Techs' forearm.

TBA: Hinobi Console CORE technology.


Middle of room -> XP from Quests can be put in -> level up -> upgrades.


Wall of upgrades -> can be bought with XP.

Smart Room

The smart room works similar to a holodeck. It uses Plixel technology.

It has three main appearances in the show:

  • In "Tutorial Mode", Miko and Five were sent there to get their first training as Glitch Techs.
  • In "Adventures in Pet Training", Emma sent Miko and Five there for their pet training.
  • In "Karate Trainer", Five, Miko and her little sister used the room for karate training.

"Tutorial Mode", "Karate Trainer". Like holodeck. All Hinobi games accessible. Can glitch as well. Little helper H.


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