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The Glitch Techs are a group of members who work for Hinobi to fight the glitches that cause mayhem in their town.


Glitch Techs are a team of professionals design to capture and defeat glitches that comes from Hinobi's faulty video game consoles.

Team Members

Team Appearance

Each team members would vary on how they look when they put on their Glitch Tech uniform. Miko's Glitch Tech uniform consists of a white suit, a black chest plate with a white H embedded onto it, black sleeves and knee padding, a Glitch Tech glove, clear classes, and white & pink sneakers.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment





  • The Glitch Techs is similar to the Grossologists being organizations fighting and protecting their city but work differently with Glitch Techs focusing on defeating Glitches and the Grossologists focusing on defeating gross villains.
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