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This article is about the team. You may be looking for the series, the headquarters or the theme song.

The Glitch Techs are a group of secret operators who work for Hinobi, dedicated to stopping and containing the various monstrous "glitches" that have a tendency to exit the company's games. They work in secret so that the people won't know those glitches exist, and that they come from Hinobi's products and games.


The Glitch Techs are a team of professionals design to capture and defeat glitches that comes from Hinobi's faulty video game consoles.

Team Members

Team Appearance

Each team member would vary on how their Glitch Tech uniform would look, for example, Miko's Glitch Tech uniform consists of a white suit, a black chest plate with a white H embedded onto it, black sleeves and knee padding, a Glitch Tech glove, clear glasses, and white & pink sneakers.

Powers, abilities, and equipment

Gauntlet: All Glitch Techs possess an augmented glove with weaponry designed to contain and capture glitches. It has the following abilities:

  • Mind Wipe
  • Energy Blasts
  • Weapon and Shield Formation
  • Portals

Additionally, they receive XP, or (experience points) after they defeat and capture a glitch, (or if one Glitch Tech transfers his or her own to another), they then can use it to buy things in the Hinobi store, or for upgrades, like pet glitch's, additional weapons, abilities and skins (that change the appearance and give some of the previous benefits) for themselves or for their pets.

If the users of the gloves know of electronics and programing, they can add upgrades by hacking the gloves and downloading the code upgrade from another device, like a game or their own program. But these are not allowed for Hinobi.

Weakness: The gloves can be ineffective in certain situations, such as Ridley's modded glitches, which had altered programing code, until Ridley downloaded a link to the modified code to Five and Miko's gauntlets, as well as in "Ping", due to the glitch's retro code not being in the system, therefore being incompatible, which made it immune.