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Glitch Techs is an animated show created by Eric Robles and Dan Milano for Nickelodeon and Netflix in 2020. It is produced by Top Draw Animation, Maven Animation Studio, and Nickelodeon Animation Studios.


Hinobi is a huge gaming and tech company that makes massively popular video games and consoles. What Hinobi customers do NOT know is that whenever one of their games has a glitch, the creatures from the game are released into the real world! That's when the company sends the Glitch Techs: a trained support team equipped with an arsenal of fantastic gaming gear designed to capture video game pests and put them back where they belong! Once a glitch is returned, the Techs must remove any evidence it was there – including the memories of any witnesses! Not only do Glitch Techs fight for the safety of the city, but they also work at Hinobi stores, helping customers with tech support and service needs. Enter Miko and High Five – new recruits who fight glitches and reformat witnesses all before the store closes at 5 pm. Talk about a crazy job!

Production Information

Glitch Techs started production in 2016. In early 2019, Nickelodeon froze production of the episodes after the 20 in post production, and laid off several of the team members for reasons unknown. It was picked up by Netflix as part of a multi-year deal between Nickelodeon and Netflix, and it premiered on February 21, 2020. 20 episodes have been released so far across 2 seasons. As of now, no word has been given by Nickelodeon or Netflix over whether or not Glitch Techs will continue production. This leads to some fans assuming the show has been silently cancelled.


List of Seasons


  • Glitch Techs was supposed to air back in 2018 before being pushed to 2019 and eventually to early 2020.
  • It was also pushed to air on Nickelodeon but later was picked up for Netflix after Nickelodeon struck a deal with them to release content to the streaming service.
  • The second half of Season 1 (10 episodes) is now considered Season 2 on Netflix based on Dan Milano's tweet.
  • Originally Nickelodeon ordered 20 Season 1 episodes. Then the show got picked up for an additional 10 episodes. These last 10 were already written, boarded, and designed. In spite of the episodes' preproduction being near in completion, they have not yet been animated since production of the show froze early 2019. So they're currently sitting safely inside Nickelodeon’s server until production can continue as soon as Netflix decides to renew the series for more seasons.
  • Eric Robles has revealed in a tweet that Glitch Techs will feature a story arc.
  • Eric Robles has revealed that one of the episodes yet to be completed would feature the return of Nogrog, voiced by Adam Croasdell.

Easter eggs

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