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Geoffrey Kubota is the younger brother of Miko Kubota and a minor character in Glitch Techs.


Not much is currently known about Geoffrey, though it is briefly mentioned that he does ballet.


His personality is currently unknown, due to lack of appearances.


Miko Kubota

Not much is known about his relationship with his older sister, but judging by their brief interaction they don't appear particularly close.

Lexi Kubota

He is seen smiling while throwing cereal at Lexi while she stands on the table holding a sword. This brief interaction could indicate they might be closer than Miko and Geoffrey are, or may have a playful relationship.

Nica Kubota


Geoffrey is a young, portly child of Japanese descent. He possesses narrow eyes common to Asiatic people from his mother, but with curly ginger hair, a pale skin tone and a big nose, taking after his father Hugh in that way. He wears a black suit with a purple bow-tie.