Glitch Techs Wiki

Five and Miko with Gauntlets

The Gauntlet (or sometimes referred to as Hinobi Gauntlet or Tech Gauntlet) is an all purpose multi tool that fits itself to a users arm and allows them to detect and effect glitches in various ways. It can also track a users personal achievements and experiences as they advance through their Glitch Tech career. All gauntlets are customizable to the user, with a variety of sound, color, and style options.



  • Firing lasers
  • De-Rez emitters: These energy emitters, also called "data streams", can siphon the energy of and content from a glitch construct or entity on contact. Once drained, a target is reduced to Plixels, which can then be drawn and stored in a gauntlets onboard storage drive.
  • Summoning weapons (such as weapons or swords)
  • Defensive emitters: Uses Plixel tech to protect the gauntlet's wearer with a variety of manual and automatic shields and abilities, which are unlocked and customized at various skill levels. Localized shields are limited to specific areas, whereas over-shields may protect a users entire body. A shield bar may optionally display the amount of power a shield can withstand before collapse. Due to the amount of power they use, most shields can only be sustained for a limited time and require a cool-down period to recharge before being used again.
  • Memory Interface Emitters: This emitter beam utilizes T-Ray technology to scan a neural map of a target's mind, so as to alter or restore their natural memory pointers. Known as a "personal system restore", this allows a customers memory to be re-formatted to reach a desired result. In most cases, a processing icon will appear momentarily above the target's head until the final stage of the interface has been completed. The basic process can be quickly performed at the swipe of a finger on the gauntlet's touch display, but intensive processes require higher experience levels as well as classified authorization and technology upgrades.
  • Restoration Emitters: Used to patch and restore any real world physical damage by using Plixel-tech. Before any glitch-related encounter, the gauntlet's auto-save feature maps an area of specified range around the Tech for the purpose of storing information from which to extrapolate repairs later. Glitch Tech vans may also be easily reprinted and restored by their assigned users.
  • Companion Pet: When a tech becomes a Level Two Glitch Tech and gets around 10,000 xp, he/she can adopt a glitch.
  • Glitch Identification: Able to scan the glitch and search its stats from the Hinobi data files.
  • Co-Op: Techs are able to talk to their team and boss
  • Glitch Alert: Techs get a notification on their gauntlet alerting them about a glitch.
  • Transportation: Techs can summon items like hoverboards for a swift escape
  • Extra Powers: Techs can trap people with stuff like a cat bubble or power up glitches with power ups.
  • Pause: Tech's can pause glitches for a limited time.
  • Levitation: If items are too heavy, tech gauntlets can levitate objects.
  • Magnetic Hand: Gauntlets can help you climb metal without falling.
  • Portal: Techs can make portals that can go to many places.
  • Armor: Techs can select many types of armors from many video games.
  • Flashlights: Able to see in the dark.
  • Weapons: They are able to pick a weapon in their gauntlet Example: Swords , Crossbows and other weapons.

Characters that have wielded Gauntlets

  • High Five
  • Miko
  • Phil
  • Mitch
  • Zahra
  • Haneesh
  • Bergie
  • Nix
  • Ridley
  • Other Unnamed Hinobi Workers