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Garbile is a glitch monster in Glitch Techs.


In his game, Garbile escaped space prison after being put there by his rival "Sanitron".

As a glitch, Garbile first appeared in "Tutorial Mode" due to Miko and High Five needing to be trained in order to become Glitch Techs but eventually they let him become bigger infuriating their boss Phil.


Garbile's mannerisms are heavily based on retired professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan.

He has a deep rivalry/hatred for Sanitron, the robot who defeated him and sent him to prison in his game bio.


Composed entirely of garbage and sewage, Garbile is a large muscular semi-fluid humanoid with a complexion of various shades of green and purple, with the inside of his mouth and tongue a dark grayish blue/purple as well as a single yellow cyclopic eye in the middle of his face. He has a balding head with the only hair being a bushy beard of slime. His only article of clothing is a bright pink speedo with white star outlines spread throughout.

When having consumed enough refuse he becomes larger in size, obese, gains three worms for hair, three eyes, and a fanged under bite. The only change to his attire are a pair of wristbands on each arm.


  • His mannerisms and physical appearance are heavily based on retired professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan.
  • His name is a portmanteau of "garbage" and "bile".
  • There is no real explanation why Garbile is able to grow when eating garbage. Glitches cannot digest real-life matter. Pretending to eat most likely triggers certain scripts of the glitch.


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