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Find the Glitch is the sixth episode of the second season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on August 17, 2020.[1]


While gathered together to play a deduction game, the Glitch Techs begin to wonder if there's a glitch pretending to be human among them.


With HQ under maintenance, Inspector 7 oversees the progress while the Bailley employees participate in a "Find the Glitch" game: one player secretly has a "Glitch" card, making them the "glitch," and nobody may leave the room until they find out who it is by unanimous vote. As they play, Miko sidelines the focus into video montages and funny clip shows - Haneesh doesn't laugh, leading everyone to vote for him as the glitch, and they are correct.

The game is over, but they're still locked in the room with no communication from Phil or Inspector 7. They begin to think that one of them is an actual Glitch infiltrator. Since BITT has access to their gauntlet video recordings of everything they've ever done as Glitch Techs, they examine said recordings to determine which among them is the suspected Glitch. The techs point out trivial things between each other and Miko again derails the discussion into funny clip shows, but Mitch draws suspicion on Miko. Mitch brings up that because Miko is immune to their memory wipes and has "inhuman" gaming skills, she must be the glitch. All but one of the other techs put their votes on Miko. However, Five remembers their time together and points out that even if she were a glitch, she's still their best friend, and refuses to vote against her.

Immediately following this, Inspector 7 opens the door and announces that the glitch has been found and captured - it was really Phil's pet "Kodama" - and that the techs were only locked in keep them from getting in the way of the search and making things worse. But when Bergy asks if this meant that none of the techs were really glitches, Inspector 7 simply answers that "anything is possible."



  • The episode title was first leaked by Dan Milano.
  • This episode is the series' first clip show episode.
  • This episode shows that Glitch Tech gauntlets have AR recorders that can recall footage from anything they've experienced.
    • Somehow, Five and Miko have footage of them prior to them becoming Glitch Techs, even though they didn't have their gauntlets until then.
  • During a clip show about good glitches, BITT Prime came here before this episode.


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