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Count Nogrog
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Count Nogrog is a glitch monster of Glitch Techs. He belongs to the Mapper Glitches.


Count Nogrog, is a vampire that likes to turn people into stone. He thinks that humans are a waste, only to live to be his food. Count Nogrog also likes to make his castle very confusing. Like adding a spiked door in the mini-boss.


Nogrog wears a long red cape, with tears at the bottom. Has snakes as hair, a very handsome face, pink eyes, spiked shoulder pads and the classic vampire shirt. As he is powered up, he loses his fantastic face, into a hideous, menacing creature. Then he gets sharp giant teeth, giant black wings, become massive, gains 2 spikes on his shoulders, horns, a black tail, giant claws, ripped pants, a belt with spikes and a moon in the center, and a third eye which shoots his best Ability.

Powers And Abilities

Count Nogrog can summon bats, can turn roses into a giant beam shooting energy spikes, summon pink energy spikes, (may be more powerful than the green versions) and summon a giant laser. As he is powered up, he is almost inmortal to every single weapon. The only way you can hurt him, is if you attack his statute, any damage inflicted upon the statute will be inflicted onto him. Another power is that he can summon green lasers, which upon touching them, turns the limb you touched it with, turns to stone. With his 3rd eye opened it will shoot an even larger beam of stone, which can pass through objects.


  • Count Nogrog is based on Dracula from Castlevania.
  • Count Nogrog is part Medusa, since vampire abilities don't have any stone related powers. He possibly was a species of Medusa, and then bit by a vampire thus combining the powers.
  • Inspiration is also from Medusa.
  • His outfit is an amalgamation of 2 characters from the DarkStalkers fighting game. his coat and cravat are based on Demitri Maximoff and his tights and boots are based on Morrigan Aensland.
  • His name is a reference to the Castlevania character Alucard. Nogrog spelled backward is Gorgon in the same way that Alucard spelled backward is Dracula.
  • His powered up version has some features that slightly resemble Broadway from the 1994 animated fantasy series Gargoyles.
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