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Chomp Kitty

Chomp Kitty is the first glitch that Miko and Five fought. Chomp Kitty is a giant green cat with sharp teeth.

In Season 2 (1b), a Chomp Kitty's code has been modified by Ridley to create Horn.

The Game

Like all glitches, Chomp Kitty originates from a game. "Chomp Kitty" was published 1993 by Hinobi Technology and is considered a classic game and part of the Chomp Kitty franchise. It seems to be a level-based platform runner.

The main gameplay consists of jumping and dodging (or destroying) enemies. Chomp Kitty can increase in size by eating "Power Pallets", seemingly making it more powerful.

"Chomp Kitty" is Five's favorite game, and he is really good at playing it.

The start screen.


As its name suggests, Chomp Kitty is a large cat. Its fur glows in a bright green with some purple stripes on its head, back and tail. Chomp Kitty's facial expression is mostly a wide vicious grin, with sharp teeth which is one of its main trademarks. Chomp Kitty has two large eyes with black pupils. Its ears and tail are not attached to the cat's body. With at least twice the height of the Glitch Tech Mitch.

Powers And Abilities

Agility: Like a real cat, Chomp Kitty is very agile.

Roar: Can send out a shockwave with immense power.

ChompKitty Glitch Roar.png

Regeneration: Is able to regenerate health after being shot by Glitch Techs.

Power-Up: Learns two new abilities when being fed a Power-Up

  • Glitch Spread

Able to summon Glitches from Arcade-Machines nearby.

  • Growth

Increases in size (and most likely power).


  • Chomp Kitty appeared in the opening and credits.
  • Five and Miko are playing the Chomp Kitty game in the intro
  • Chomp Kitty is likely based off Pac-Man since it eats pellets and it is considered a classic game much like how Pac-Man is considered a classic.
  • Strangely, Chomp Kitty was depicted breathing fire in the opening sequence.
  • Chomp Kitty XXL will be the next game of the franchise
  • The glitch that High Five released accidentally from Mitch's gauntlet that was caught earlier in "Age of Hinobi" took the form of this glitch when it went into its game in the arcade place.
  • Chomp Kitty when it was bought to life, began its rampage in the arcade place with eating Mitch Williams and some kids that were playing in the ball pit.
  • Chomp Kitty confused itself when it began to eat the balls from the ball pit as pellets.
  • Unlike Garbile, Chomp Kitty is not able to grow in size when eating anything other than Pixels.

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