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Castle Crawl

Castle Crawl is the is the sixth episode of the first season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on February 21, 2020.


Miko and High Five arrive at a house where other Glitch Techs have gone missing — and walk right into a familiar game full of surprises.


After Nix and Bergy and two other teams go AFK on a glitch capture, Five and Miko are sent in to resolve the Mapper Glitch, which overlays a game setting atop real environments, finding the interior to be a massive castle from "Castlestein." Once inside, Miko and Five are locked in the game and shut down their gauntlet to save batteries. Seeking the game boss, Nogrog, they encounter a mini-boss, who Five struggles to fight as Miko spectates. He admits to never finishing the game, having lied out of feeling left out. Miko surmised this, and pulls him out to continue, saying she doesn't think less of him. Reaching Nogrog, they learn his pattern to win, but realize the still active game is unbeaten, thus there's an unseen component. Remembering his riddle, Five uses a random drop key he found earlier to access the next step, and they reach the "unreachable" Loot Drop from a mystery chest: a spork. At the true final round, Five realizes the statue behind Nogrog is his weak point, and the spork becomes a magic super sword, which allows them to co-op a win, catch the Mapper Glitch, and free the other Glitch Techs.



  • The Glitch Gauntlet needs to be recharge.
  • This episode is a reference to Castlevania.

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