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Casino is a supporting character of Glitch Techs.

He is voiced by Roshon Fegan.


At the beginning of "Smashozaurs", he appears playing pretend as Smashozaurs characters with Five as a child. The game goes unresolved when Five leaves to go to work with his father, leaving only Casino. Years later, Casino appears again and is waiting for Five to play at Joystick Jr. Pizza Arcade with him, hoping to complete a game of Smashozaurs together.


Casino is seen to be a very dedicated person. Occasionally he comes off as manipulative towards Five.


Casino is a very short, pudgy brown-skinned teen with brown puffy hair. He wears a purple shirt, blue pants, and yellow shoes with white parts.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Spanish (Latin America) José Ángel Torres
Portuguese (European) Rui Oliveira
Polish Mateusz Narloch/Antoni Scardina (Young)


  • Casino's curly hairstyle, stout body and jacket design shares some similarities to Steven Universe.
  • In the original script for Smashozaurs by Jeff Trammell, Casino's possession would have transformed him into rapping Raptorious instead of TriTops. [1]


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