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Bolypius is a character first mentioned in "Tutorial Mode". As of yet, Bolypius has not appeared in the series proper, although it recognized as a threat to Hinobi.


Not much is known about this villain, only that he, she, or it might have easy access due to working at the company making it easy to make the master plan succeed. The villain was first mentioned by Barbara that Miko and perhaps High Five would be the ones to stop the entity.


  • It has not been confirmed but there is suspicion that not just Barbara, but everyone working at Hinobi with the exception of High Five and Miko know this mysterious villain. Barbara's cadence and wording imply that Bolypius is involved with (if not responsible) Hinobi technology's tendency to glitch, presumably to release glitches to cause mayhem into the real world. This would make them the main antagonist of the show.
  • Their name appears to be a play on "Polybius":
    • In real-life history, he was an ancient Greek historian who defined many aspects of historical documentation through his coverage of the Roman Empire's rise in his work The Histories. He generally believed that historians must never report events without verifiable witness testimony.
    • Within video game pop-culture, the name is shared with a popular urban legend about a fictitious 1981 arcade game that served as a limited government-run psychology experiment in Portland, Oregon. The arcade machine was said to induce psychological effects on entranced players.
  • Based off of Concept and Model designs, Bolypius may have a default and final boss form. These designs can be seen in the Gallery.
  • This character has been given the nickname "Glitch Master" or "King of Glitches" by some fans.
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